How to Add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a Windows 10 Laptop

You will learn how to check if your laptop has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in this post.

You will also learn how to add Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to your Windows 10 laptop. Let’s get started.

How Can I Tell If My Laptop has Bluetooth?

Open Device Manager.

By default, the categories are listed alphabetically.

Find the category “Bluetooth.”

If you cannot find it, expand the “Network adapters” category and look for the “Bluetooth” entry.

You will see a category or entry called “Bluetooth” if your laptop has Bluetooth. If not, then it does not.

How to Add Bluetooth to a Laptop

​Grab the Bluetooth adapter of your choice.

Connect it to the USB port on the laptop.

Install the software from the CD that came with the adapter if Windows 10 does not install the driver automatically.

There you have it. Now your laptop has Bluetooth.

Windows 10’s notification area shows a “Bluetooth” icon.

Right-click on it.

In the context menu, select “Add a Bluetooth Device” to pair.

How Do I Know If My Laptop has Wi-Fi?

Open Device Manager.

Search and expand the “Network adapters” category.

Search Network adapter entries for the terms Wireless and Wi-Fi.

If you see one of these words, your Windows 10 laptop has Wi-Fi. Otherwise, it does not have Wi-Fi.

How to Add Wi-Fi to your Laptop

Get the USB Wi-Fi Adapter you want.

Connect it to your laptop’s USB port.

If Windows 10 does not install the driver, install the software on the disc that comes with the adapter.

There you have it. Your laptop now has Wi-Fi.

Click the “Network” icon in the notification area of your Windows 10 laptop.

Connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Note: Now, you can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your laptop in addition to connecting to your Wi-Fi network.