How to Add Address, Links or Desktop Toolbar

This post will show you how to add the address, links, and desktop toolbar in Windows 10. Let’s get started.

Windows 10 comes with three built-in toolbars:

Address – Opens apps, files, folders, and websites.

Let’s see how to do these:

Please open the file by typing its URL in the address bar and then pressing the Enter key.

You can open a folder by typing its URL or name, then pressing Enter. Not every folder is accessible by entering its name.

Enter the URL or name of the application, followed by Enter. Just like a folder, you can open not all applications by typing their name.

To open a website, enter the URL in the address bar and press Enter. You can also perform a web search here, but you shouldn’t use a single word, such as hello.

Links – Here, you can see and access the content of the Favorites bar.

You can view the Favorites bar before adding the Links toolbar if you open Run, enter Favorites, and press Enter. Now you’ll find the Favorites folder. Within this folder, there’s the Favorites Bar folder, and double-click it to view its contents.

Desktop – Here, you can view and access the entire content on your desktop.

Open the Run window for the desktop content to be seen before the “Desktop” toolbar is added—type shell:desktop into it and then press Enter.

Learn how to add built-in toolbars to Windows 10.


Right-click on the blank space on the taskbar.

When you mouse over the Toolbars, you will see the following:

  • Address
  • Links
  • Desktop
  • New toolbar

Click only the toolbar you want, other than the New Toolbar option. Here, I choose “Address.”

Now you can see the toolbar you choose on the taskbar.

Note: To remove the added one, follow the steps above.


By Thirumalraj

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