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(2022) How to Stop Members from Editing WhatsApp Group Info

Written by Thirumalraj

Any group participant can default change the subject, description, icon, and disappearing messages setting.

If you prefer to let only admins change those, follow the steps below. Remember that you need to be an admin of the group to follow the steps in this guide.

Let’s see how to do this. I use the app (iPhone and Android), Desktop, and Web.

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Stop Members from Editing WhatsApp Group Info (Android Phone)

Here are the steps:

  1. Launch the WhatsApp Messenger app.
  2. ​In the “Chats” tab, long-press the group chat.
  3. Tap three vertical dots at the top and select “Group info” between “Add chat shortcut” and “Mark as unread (or Mark as read).”
  4. Tap the “Group settings” option, then the “Edit group info” option above Send messages.
  5. In the popup, select “Only admins” and tap OK.

That’s all.

Note: You can revert by choosing “All participants.” Tap OK.

Stop Members from Editing WhatsApp Group Info (iPhone)

Open the WhatsApp Messenger app.

In the “Chats” tab, slide the group chat to the left. Select “More” and then the “Group Info” option.

Tap the “Group Settings” and the “Edit Group Info” options.

At the bottom, tap the “Only Admins” option in the popup.

That’s all.

Note: To revert, choose the “All Participants” option.

Stop Members from Editing Group Info on WhatsApp Web or Desktop

Please see the below steps to allow admins only to change the group icon, name, description, and disappearing messages setting.

Open the WhatsApp Web or Desktop app.

Hit the group and click the group name at the top of the chat.

On the right sidebar, you can see many options.

Click on Group settings and select Edit group info. Choose “Only admins” and click the Confirm button.

That’s it.

Note: To revert, choose “All participants.” Click Confirm.

That’s all.

Thanks for reading.