How to Archive Chat on Facebook and Messenger
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How to Archive Chat on Facebook and Messenger

In this post, you’ll see how to archive and unarchive a conversation on FB and Messenger. Let’s begin.

Archive a Conversation on Facebook and Messenger

When you archive a chat, it’ll be moved from the “Chats” to the “Archived chats.”


Sign in to or Facebook. On FB, click “Messenger” in the left sidebar.

Hover your mouse over the chat that you want to archive.

Click the three horizontal dots and click the “Archive chat” option.


The archived chats can be viewed by clicking on the three horizontal dots beside “Chats” at the top left. Click on “Archived chats.” On, hit the “Archived” on the left side.

You can view the messages from an archived conversation by clicking it.

Remember, sending or receiving a message to an archived chat will automatically unarchive it.

To unarchive a conversation, hover your mouse over the archived chat and click the three horizontal dots. Hit the “Unarchive chat” option.

Android or iPhone

Launch the Facebook Messenger app. Long press the conversation you wish to archive in the “Chats” tab.

Hit the “Archive” option, and that’s all.

Archive option on Messenger for iPhone
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Here’s an alternate method for iPhone:

Slide the chat to the left and hit the “Archive,” or slide the conversation entirely to the left.


Tap your profile picture at the top left and hit “Archived chats” to view your archived conversations.

Note that sending or receiving a message to an archived conversation will automatically unarchive it.

Here’s how to unarchive an archived chat: Long press the archived conversation or slide it to the left (iPhone only). Hit “Unarchive.”

Note that you can also slide the chat entirely to the left on your iPhone to unarchive it.

Desktop App

Open the Messenger Desktop app and right-click on the chat in the left sidebar.

You can view these options:

Please choose the Archive chat, and you can see these options:

Hide and Permanently Hide options
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  • Hide: If you select this option, you can see the conversation if you receive a message to it.
  • Permanently Hide: If you choose this option, you can view the chat if you unhide it.

Hit the one you prefer.

The below is for you if you’ve chosen “Hide” above and you want to unarchive:

Search for the chat. Find and open it. And then send a message. That’s it. If you receive a message to that chat, it’ll also unarchive the latter.

If you’ve chosen “Permanently Hide” above, follow these steps to unarchive it: Search for the chat, open it, and send a message.

Here’s an alternate method to do this task:

Click on the conversation and hit the “Messenger” icon at the top left.

Select File > Archive Chat.

Select “Hide” or “Permanently Hide” as per your wishes.