How to Turn Off Autoplay on Facebook and Instagram
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(2023) How to Turn Off Autoplay on Facebook or Instagram

In this post, you’ll see the steps to disable autoplay on Facebook and enable the data saver in Messenger.

Also, you’ll know if you can turn off autoplay on Instagram. Let’s begin.

Turn Off Autoplay On Facebook

Note that the steps below disable the autoplay of videos and GIFs.


Log in to Facebook and click on the profile picture at the top right.

Hit Settings & privacy > Settings.

Click on “Videos” from the left sidebar.

Open the drop-down list next to “Auto-Play Videos” on the right and select “Off.”

Note: Select “On” from the drop-down list to turn on autoplay on Facebook.

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Android or iPhone

Open the Facebook app and tap “Menu.”

Select “Settings & privacy.” On Android, tap “Cellular Data Usage.” On iPhone, tap “Cellular Data Use.”

You can see these three options in the “Autoplay” section:

  • On mobile data and Wi-Fi – Autoplay on mobile data and Wi-Fi connection.
  • On Wi-Fi only – Autoplay on Wi-Fi connection only.
  • Never Autoplay Videos – Disable autoplay.

Choose “Never Autoplay Videos,” and that’s it.

Chosen Never Autoplay Videos
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Here’s an alternate method:

In the Facebook app, hit Settings & Privacy > Settings > Profile settings.

On Android, tap Media and contacts > Autoplay. On iPhone, tap “Videos and photos.”

You can view three options and choose “Never Autoplay Videos.”


  • To turn on Facebook autoplay, choose any other options except the “Never autoplay videos” as you wish.
  • Autoplay will stop when your phone’s battery is low.

Enable Data Saver in Facebook Messenger (Android)

Here, you’ll learn how to turn on the Facebook Messenger data saver. Note that this feature is only available on Facebook Messenger for Android.

By default, Messenger downloads images and videos automatically when received.

Once this feature is enabled, you must manually download the images and videos if you use a mobile data connection. As a result, you save the data.

To enable Messenger data saver, follow these steps:

Open Facebook Messenger and hit your profile picture on the top left.

Hit “Data Saver” and switch on the toggle switch.

Turned on the toggle switch
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Note: To disable the data saver, turn off the toggle switch.

Can You Turn Off Autoplay on Instagram

Note: Instagram’s desktop version doesn’t automatically play videos by default. You can manually play the video by hitting it.

The Instagram app doesn’t provide an option to turn off autoplay completely.

You can use less cellular data with Instagram by following the below steps, which stop videos from loading in advance.

Here are the steps:

Open the Instagram app and hit your profile picture at the bottom right.

Tap the three horizontal lines at the top right.

Hit Settings > Account.

If you’re using an iPhone, select “Data usage” and enable “Use less cellular data.”

Enabled Use less cellular data
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Follow these steps if you’re using Android: Choose “Cellular data use” and turn on the “Data Saver.”

On Android, you can save data by setting up Instagram not to show high-resolution media. Here’s how: Hit “High resolution media.” You can see “Never,” “Wi-Fi Only (the default),” and “Cellular + WiFi.” Select the former.

Chosen Never
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That’s it. From now on, Instagram mutes all videos in the Feed. But if you hit the video and unmute it, all the video will play with sound.

For iPhone: To revert, turn off “Use less mobile data.” For Android: To revert, disable the “Data Saver.”