How to Turn Off Autoplay on Facebook 2022

Written by Thirumalraj

This post shows you how to disable autoplay on the Facebook desktop version (PC) and app (Android and iPhone).

Let’s begin.

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Turn Off Autoplay On Facebook

Note: The steps below disable the autoplay of videos and GIFs.

Follow the steps below if you’re using a PC:

Log in to Facebook. Click on the profile picture at the top right.

Hit Settings & privacy > Settings.

Click on “Videos” from the left sidebar.

There is a drop-down list next to “Auto-Play Videos” on the right.

Open it and then select “Off.”

That’s it.

Note: To turn on autoplay, select On from the drop-down list.

Stop Autoplay on Facebook (Android or iPhone)

Note: The steps below disable the autoplay of videos and GIFs.

Here are the steps:

Open the Facebook app.

Tap on the Menu (three horizontal lines) at the top (if you’re on Android) or bottom (if you’re on iPhone).

Hit Settings & Privacy > Settings > Media. You can find the latter between “Language and Region” and “Your Time on Facebook.”

You can now see these options in the Autoplay section:

  • On mobile data and Wi-Fi – Autoplay on mobile data and Wi-Fi connection.
  • On Wi-Fi only – Autoplay on Wi-Fi connection only.
  • Never autoplay videos – Disable autoplay.

Choose “Never autoplay videos.”

That’s it.


  • To turn on Facebook autoplay, choose any of the options mentioned above (except the Never autoplay videos) as you wish.
  • Autoplay will stop when your phone’s battery is low.

That’s all.

Thanks for reading.

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