How to Back Up and Restore Call Logs on Android

Written by Thirumalraj

Here I’m using Google Pixel 4a (Android 12).

How to Back Up Call History

Let’s see how to back up using a third-party app.

Install and open the SMS Backup & Restore app. I suggest you go through the app’s documentation in the Play Store.

Hit the “Get Started” button.

Once you’ve provided the permissions for the app, you should be on the primary screen.

​Tap the “Set Up A Backup” button.

By default, “Messages” and “Call logs” are enabled for backup.

I only want the backup call logs. I left the “Call logs” intact and disabled “Messages.” Tap “Next.”

Select your location for the backup. Choose the one as you wish. I chose “Google Drive.”

Tap the “Log In” option.

Select the type of access and choose your Google account. Provide permission.

Configure other options on the screen if you wish.

Tap “Test” at the bottom to test the setup. If the setup is correct, you’ll see a popup stating “Success.”

Tap “Save” to save the setup. Tap “Next.”

You can schedule recurring backups here. Choose the option as per your needs.

I chose the “Daily.” If you want to change the time or repeat frequency, tap it, and you can change it now.

Tap “Advanced Options” and use the options available (if you wish).

Tap “Back Up Now.”

That’s it.

How to Restore Call Logs

You can use the same app you saw above to restore call logs. Remember, the app can only restore call logs if you’ve taken a call log backup using it.

Open the app.

Tap the three vertical lines at the top left and hit “Restore.”

Choose the backup location. I chose “Google Drive Location.”

Along with the recent backup, you will see that the “Call logs” is selected by default.

Use the options in the “Advanced Options” if you wish.

Tap “Restore.”

That’s all.

Thanks for reading.

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