How to Remove Blank Lines from Notepad++

Let’s look at two ways to get rid of blank lines in Notepad++ in Windows 10.

Method #1

Open Notepad++ file.

Hit Edit at the top.

Hover your mouse over Line Operations, located just above Comment/Uncomment.

Now you can see these two options:

Remove Empty Lines – this will remove blank lines.

Remove Empty Lines (Containing Blank characters) – which will delete blank lines that include blank characters such as “Space.”

Click on the one you prefer.

That’s all.

Method #2

This method removes spaces from the beginning of the lines as well as blank lines, including blank characters.

To do this, use Replace. Here’s how:

Press Ctrl + H to bring up the Replace popup.

In the Search Mode section, select “Regular expression.”

In the field beside Find what, type this: ^\s

Hit the Replace All button.

That’s all.

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