How to Change Computer Name in Windows 11

You can complete this task in four different ways in Windows 11. Choose the one you prefer.

How to Change Your Computer Name using Settings

Here are the steps:

Right-click on the Start button.

In the Power user menu, select the “System” option between the “Event Viewer” and “Device Manager.”

The About section will open, and you can see the current PC name next to the “Device name.”

Click on the “Rename this PC” button.

You can now see a popup with the field for the new PC name. Enter the new name according to your preferences.

Click the “Next” button.

If the name contains only the allowed characters, you can see a popup with the “Restart now” and “Restart later” buttons.

Pick the option you prefer, but remember that a reboot is needed to take effect.

You’ll see the change after the reboot.

How to Change Computer Name using System Properties

Open the System Properties window.

The “Computer Name/Domain Changes” popup window will appear after clicking the “Change” button.

You can find the current computer name in the “Computer name” field.

Please enter the new name in this field.

Click the “OK” button. You can see a popup with an error message if the name contains a particular unallowed character(s).

A popup appears informing you that a restart is needed to apply the changes if the name contains only allowed characters.

Tap OK on that popup and close “System Properties.”

A popup will appear with the options to restart now and later. Choose the one you’d like.

The new PC name will appear after the reboot.

How to Change Computer Name using Elevated Windows PowerShell

Open elevated PowerShell.

Enter the following command and press Enter key: Rename-Computer -NewName “newpcname”

Replace the newpcname with the name you would like to give to your computer in the command above.

Reboot your PC.

That’s it.

I hope this guide, “How to Change Computer Name in Windows 11,” is helpful to you.

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