How to Change Send Button to Enter on Telegram

Written by Thirumalraj

Let’s see how to do this. I use an Android phone and PC (Windows 11).

Note: There is no option to do this task on an iPhone.

Change Send Button to Enter Key on Telegram (Android)

The Telegram app sends the message when you press the Send button by default. And the Enter key is for the new line.

Following the steps below, you can press the Enter key to send the message.

Here are the steps:

Open the Telegram app and hit the three horizontal lines at the top left.

Select Settings and tap Chat Settings.

Scroll down until you see the “Send with Enter” option. You can find this one between Raise to Speak and Save to Gallery.

Please turn it on, and that’s all you have to do.

Turn off the abovementioned option if you want to return to default settings.

That’s all.

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Telegram Web

On WhatsApp Web, by default, Enter key sends the message. And, for the new line, you need to press Shift + Enter.

If you want to send the message by pressing the Ctrl + Enter and have the new line by pressing Enter, follow the below steps:

Open the WhatsApp Web and hit the three horizontal lines in the left sidebar top.

Select Settings.

Click on General Settings.

In the Keyboard section, you see two options: “Send with Enter” and “Send with Ctrl + Enter.”

Choose the latter, and that’s all.

Choose the “Send with Enter” option to return to default settings.

That’s it.

Thanks for reading.

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