How to Change Sleep Button Action

Pressing the sleep button on a Windows 10 PC will automatically put the PC to sleep.

Here’s how you can change that:

Open Run. Type powercfg.cpl. Hit the “Enter” key.

Select the “Choose what the power button do” link on the “Power Options” screen.

Find two drop-down lists beside “When I press the sleep button.” You can find the latter between When I press the power button and When I close the lid.

The drop-down list under “On battery” contains the following options:

  • Do nothing – Select this option to disable the sleep button.
  • Sleep – The default setting. The PC will go to sleep when the sleep button is pressed.
  • Hibernate – Select this option to hibernate when the sleep button is pressed.
  • Turn off the display – Select this option to turn off the display when the sleep button is pressed.

Pick the one you prefer. 

In the “Plugged in” drop-down list, select the one you want. 

Click on the “Save changes” button.

Note: The settings in the drop-down lists beneath “On battery” are only active when the laptop is on battery power. The settings in the “Plugged in” drop-down lists are only active when the PC is connected to a power source.

I hope this guide, “How to Change Sleep Button Action,” is helpful to you.

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