How to Change Taskbar Position in Windows 10

You will see how to change the taskbar size and position here. Let’s start with the latter.

By default, the taskbar in Windows 10 is at the bottom of the screen. However, you can move it to the top, left, or right. Let’s get started.

Method #1

Unlock the taskbar. Drag and drop the taskbar to the desired position (top, left, or right). 

That’s all. Lock the taskbar now if you desire.

Note: To restore the taskbar to its default position (bottom), drag and drop it to the bottom after you have unlocked it. You can lock the taskbar now if you wish.

Method #2

Open the taskbar settings. 

Open the drop-down list underneath the “Taskbar location on screen.” You can find this one between Show badges on taskbar buttons and Combine taskbar buttons.

Pick the location of your choice (Top, Left, or Right).

Note: You can set the taskbar to its default position by opening the above drop-down list and selecting “Bottom.”

Method #3

Open the Registry Editor.

Before proceeding, I recommend taking a backup of the Registry.

Go to the following: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > StuckRects3.

Locate Settings in the right pane and double-click it.

In the second row, the sixth column, you’ll see 03 (which represents Bottom). To change your taskbar location, you must change 03 to one of the following:

00 – Left

01 – Top

02 – Right

Hit the OK button.

Restart the File Explorer.

That’s all.

How to Resize the Taskbar in Windows 10

Unlock the taskbar.

Move the mouse over the top of the taskbar and drag it.

Once the taskbar is the size you prefer, stop dragging it.

That’s it. You can lock the taskbar if you wish.


By Thirumalraj

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