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How to Change Video Quality on Facebook

Written by Thirumalraj

In this post, you’ll learn how to change the default video quality on Facebook and the quality of individual videos.

Let’s start with the former.

Facebook’s default video quality is Default, which means it’ll choose the quality based on your internet speed.

Here are the steps you need to follow to change the default video quality:

Log in to Facebook.

Click on Settings & Privacy > Settings.

Hit Videos in the left sidebar.

The drop-down menu locates next to Video Quality. You’ll see the following options when you open it:

  • Default
  • SD Only – FB will only show videos in SD quality.
  • HD if available – FB will show videos in HD if that quality is available.

Pick the one you prefer.

That’s it.


You can follow these steps if you’re using the Facebook app (Android or iPhone):

Please bear in mind that this only works with a cellular data connection.

Open the Facebook app.

At the bottom (if you’re using an iPhone) or at the top (if you’re using Android), tap the “Menu” (three horizontal lines).

Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Media. You can find the latter in the Preferences section.

The Video Quality section includes the following options:

  • Optimized – this one will adjust the resolution according to your network speed.
  • Data Saver – this one lowers the resolution of all videos.

Choose the option you prefer.

That’s all.

How to Change the Video Quality of an Individual Video

Follow these steps on the Facebook desktop version (PC) and Facebook app (Android and iPhone):

In the video, hit the Gear icon. Hover your mouse over the video (or tap it if you’re on an iPhone or Android) to see it if you cannot see it.

Select “Quality” if you’re on a PC or Android.

Select the quality you prefer. If the Auto (or Automatic) option is selected, Facebook will determine the quality according to internet speed.