How to Change WhatsApp Theme (iPhone, Android, and Web)

In this post, you’ll see how to change the theme on WhatsApp.

I use Windows 11 PC, iPhone X, and Google Pixel 4a (Android 12). Let’s start.

Change WhatsApp Theme in Android

Here’s how to change the WhatsApp theme on an Android device:

  1. Open the WhatsApp Messenger app.
  2. Tap three vertical dots at the top right.
  3. Select Settings > Chats.
  4. Tap “Theme” under the Display section, and you can now see these three options:
  • Light – To remove dark mode on WhatsApp.
  • Dark – Enable the dark theme.
  • System default – This applies Android’s dark mode state to WhatsApp. For instance, WhatsApp will also be in dark theme if your Android device is in dark mode.
  1. Choose the one you prefer. Tap OK, and that’s it.

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Change WhatsApp Theme on an iPhone

WhatsApp is on a dark theme if iPhone is in dark mode. Otherwise, WhatsApp will also not be in the dark.

Depending on your wish, turn on or off iPhone dark mode, and the change will reflect on WhatsApp.

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Change Theme on WhatsApp Web

Here are the steps:

Open WhatsApp Web and click on three vertical dots on the top left sidebar.

Select Settings between “Starred messages” and “Log out.”

Select “Theme,” and you can now see these three options in the popup: 

  • System default – Apply the system’s dark mode state to WhatsApp Web. For instance, if your system isn’t in dark mode, the latter is also not in dark theme.
  • Dark – To put dark mode on WhatsApp.
  • Light – To disable dark mode on WhatsApp.

Pick the one you prefer and click the OK button.

That’s all.

I hope this guide, “How to Change WhatsApp Theme (iPhone, Android, and Web),” is helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.

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