How to Clear WhatsApp Call Log

This post will show the steps to clear your WhatsApp call log on Android and iPhone.

I use Google Pixel 4a (Android 12) and iPhone X.

Clear WhatsApp Call History

If you’re using an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp Messenger app and navigate to the Calls tab.
  2. You can now view all your WhatsApp video and voice calls.
  3. Hit the Edit option on the top left.
  4. If you want to delete a single one, hit the – icon on its left, and you will see the Delete option. Tap on it and hit Done. That’s it.
  5. If you want to remove all the call history, hit the “Clear” option at the top right.
  6. Select Clear Call History in the popup, and that’s all.

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If you’re using an Android phone, follow these steps:

Launch the WhatsApp app and navigate to the Calls tab.

You can now see all your WhatsApp voice and video calls.

To delete a single one, long-press it. If you want to delete over one, hit the remaining ones you want to remove.

Hit the trash can icon at the top right.

That’s all.

Hit the three vertical dots at the top right to remove all calls at once.

Select “Clear call log” and tap OK on the popup.

That’s it.

I hope this guide, “How to Clear WhatsApp Call Log,” is helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.