How to Enable or Disable ClickLock in Windows 10

If you do not want to hold down the mouse button while highlighting or dragging items, you should enable the ClickLock feature.

ClickLock lets you select or move items without holding down the mouse button. 

Let’s see how to enable or disable it.

To Activate ClickLock

Select the “Turn on ClickLock” option in the “Mouse Properties” pop-up window.

The “Settings” button will now be activated. Click on it.

Set the duration according to your preference. After this period only ClickLock will be active.

Press the “OK” button.

Press the “OK” button.

That’s it. To highlight or drag items without holding down the mouse button, follow these steps:

Locate the items you want to highlight or drag.

To Highlight

Press the mouse button for a few seconds (or for the duration you set) beside the items you want to highlight.

Let go of the hold and then highlight the items.

To finish highlighting, click the mouse button. 

Note: The steps above can also be used to highlight text.

To Drag

The mouse button must be held down on the highlighted items for a few seconds (or for the duration you set).

Drag the items after releasing the hold.

When you click on the location you want, the items will be dropped there.

To Disable ClickLock

Open the “Mouse Properties” pop-up.

After deactivating “Turn on ClickLock,” click “OK.”


To change the ClickLock duration, you can also follow these steps:

Start Registry Editor. Before proceeding, I suggest you backup the Registry.

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Desktop.

Double-click ClickLockTime in the right pane.

Select Decimal.

In the Value data field, enter any value between 200 and 2200. Remember that these are milliseconds.

Click the OK button.

Sign out and then sign back in.

That’s it.