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How to Turn Off the Comment Ranking on Facebook

Written by Thirumalraj

By default, Facebook shows the “Most Relevant” comments for posts on the page and profiles with many followers.

As a result, you’ll likely see comments made by your friends, verified profiles and pages, and with the most likes and replies at the top.

You can turn off this comment ranking if you wish. By doing so, the comments will appear in chronological order.

Check out how to do this on your profile or page on a PC. 


  • This feature is disabled for profiles with fewer followers. However, you can turn it on if you wish, and the steps are below.
  • It’s impossible to do this task for a page on Android or iPhone. But for your profile, you can.
  • You must be an admin to do this for a page. To do this for a profile, you must be the owner.


For the page, follow these steps:

Sign in to Facebook.

Hit your page name in the Your Pages section on the right sidebar.

Find and click Settings on the left sidebar.

Comment Ranking appears on the right. This one is under Translate Automatically. Click on it.

Uncheck “See most relevant comments by default.”

Then click Save Changes.

That’s it.

Note: You can turn this on by checking the checkbox. Make sure that you save the changes.

Here are the steps for a profile:

If you’re on a PC, follow these steps:

At the top right of Facebook, hit the inverted triangle.

Choose Settings & Privacy > Settings.

On the left sidebar, click Public Posts.

You can see the Comment Ranking on the right, above the Username. Click on it.

Select Off from the drop-down list if you don’t want the comment ranking. If not, select On.

If you’re on an Android or iPhone, follow these steps:

Open the Facebook app.

Hit the Menu (three horizontal lines) at the top if you’re on Android or at the bottom if you’re on iPhone.

Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Followers and Public Content.

Scroll to the bottom. Then turn on Comment Ranking if you want comment ranking. Otherwise, turn off Comment Ranking.

That’s it.