How to Change or Copy About on WhatsApp
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How to Change or Copy About on WhatsApp

In this post, you’ll see the steps to change the about and its privacy setting on WhatsApp. Remember that you can only change about of yourself and not others.

You’ll also see the steps to copy about on WhatsApp and set a blank one. Let’s start.

Copy or Change WhatsApp About

Android or iPhone

To change or copy your about, follow these steps:

Open the WhatsApp app.

Navigate to the “Settings” tab. If you’re on an Android phone, tap the three vertical dots at the top right and select “Settings.”

Tap your about at the top and hit your about. Hit your about in “Currently set to.”

Select it and hit the “Copy” option to copy it.

To change the about, remove the current one. Provide your about, and use the emoji if you wish. It can be up to a maximum of 139 characters.

Hit the “Save,” and that’s all.

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You can also select any of the about available for you.

On Android, to delete all available about, hit the three vertical dots at the top and select “Delete all.” In the pop-up, hit “Delete All.” If you want to remove a single one, long-press it and hit “Delete.”

On iPhone, if you want to delete an available about, hit “Edit” at the top right.

Besides every available about, you can see two icons. The one on the right side is for changing position, and the other is for removal.

Hit the latter, and you can see the “Delete” option. Hit it. Tap “Done” at the top right.

On an Android device, you can only copy the about of yours. To copy other people’s about on iPhone, follow these steps:

Please open the chat of the contact you prefer and hit their name at the top. You can now see the about which you need to long press. Hit the “Copy” option.

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Web or Desktop

To copy the about of others on the Desktop, follow these steps:

Launch the Desktop app and open the conversation you prefer. Click on the name at the top. Select about if you’re on the Web.

Right-click on about, and select the “Copy” option. That’s all.

To copy your about, follow these steps:

Hit your profile picture on the left sidebar if you’re on the Web. On the Desktop, hit the profile picture at the bottom left.

Click the “Pencil” icon beside your about. Please select it and press Ctrl + C.

Change About in WhatsApp Web or Desktop

Open WhatsApp Desktop app or Web.

Click on your profile picture on the left sidebar (if you’re on the Web) or bottom left (if you are using the Desktop app).

You can see the about in the “About.”

Hit the “Pencil” icon beside it and provide the about.

Hit the “Tick” icon if you’re on the Web. If you’re on the Desktop, hit the “Enter” key.

Change WhatsApp About Privacy Setting

Android or iPhone

Open WhatsApp.

Hit the three vertical dots at the top right and select “Settings” if you’re on Android. If you’re on the iPhone, hit the “Settings” tab.

Select “Privacy.”

Hit “About” beneath “Profile Photo.”

You can now see these four options:

About screen
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  • Everyone – Any WhatsApp user can see it.
  • My contacts – Your WhatsApp contacts can see it.
  • Nobody – No one can see it.

Please choose the one you prefer, and that’s it.


Open the WhatsApp Web.

Hit the three vertical dots on the left sidebar.

Click Settings > Privacy > About.

Select any of the four options. If you want to know about these options, please check the above.

That’s all.

On the Desktop app, you can’t do this task. But you can see what option you have chosen for this setting. Here’s how:

Open the WhatsApp Desktop app and hit the “Gear” icon in the bottom left.

Hit the “Account” in the pop-up.

In the “Privacy” section, besides “About,” you can see your chosen option.

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Set Blank About in WhatsApp

Install and open the Empty Text app.

Select the “Rows” or “Characters” and provide the number of characters or rows you prefer in the first field.

Tap “Generate” and the “Send” button at the bottom right. Select the “Copy” option.

In WhatsApp, remove your current about, paste the one you copied, and hit “Save.”