How to Set or Delete WhatsApp Status
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How to Set or Delete WhatsApp Status

In this post, you’ll see the steps to set and remove your WhatsApp status.

You’ll also view the steps to set blank status on WhatsApp. Let’s begin.

Set Status on WhatsApp

You can set an image or video as your WhatsApp status. If you wish, you can also set the text one. Let’s begin with the latter.

Note that you can’t do this task on WhatsApp Web or Desktop.

Steps to Set Text Status

On Android or iPhone, open the WhatsApp app and navigate to the “Status” tab.

Tap the “Pencil” icon at the bottom right on Android. You can find it beside the “Camera” icon on your iPhone.

Type the text.

At the top, you can see Emoji (which is available for Android only. Using which you can add stickers (location and time) and emojis), T (which is for font style), and “Color palette” icon (which is for changing the background color).

The “Status” at the bottom left on Android brings the privacy setting.

Like to discard this one? Tap the “X” in the top left and “Discard.” Hit the “Send” icon to send the text status.

Set Image or Video as Status

Go to the “Status” tab on the WhatsApp app and hit the “Camera” icon or “My Status.”

Camera icon
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You can take a photo or video or choose one from the gallery by tapping the “Gallery” icon.

To select an item, tap it.

If you want to select multiple items for your status, follow these steps: On Android, tap the “Checklist” icon, select the items, and tap the “Tick” icon. On iPhone, after selecting an item, hit the “+” icon, select the remaining ones and tap “Done” at the top right.

You may see these items:

  • Delete – To remove the selected item.
  • Crop – To crop.
  • Emoji – Add stickers and emojis.
  • T – For writing text.
  • Pencil – For writing or drawing.
  • Undo – This is to undo the changes.

Use any of the above if you wish, and add a caption (optional).

On Android, swipe up if you like to use filters, and the “Status” at the bottom is for privacy settings.

Hit the “Send” icon, and that’s all.

Set Blank Text Status in WhatsApp (Android Only)

Install and open the Empty Text app.

Once you’re on the main screen, choose “Rows” or “Characters,” depending on your preference.

Provide the number of characters or rows you want in the first field.

Tap the “Generate” button and hit the “Send” button at the bottom right of the screen.

Generate button
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If you prefer to copy, select the “Copy” option and use it for blank WhatsApp status.

Or you can use the “Send” option. Here’s how: Hit the latter, and you can see “Share with WhatsApp.” Select “Just once.”

Tap “My status” and the “Arrow” icon at the bottom right.

Hit the “Send” button, and that’s all.

Delete WhatsApp Status

Note that:

  • You can’t do this task on the Web and Desktop app.
  • You can’t remove other people’s status.

Let’s see the steps.


In WhatsApp, hit the “Status” tab at the top. Tap the three horizontal dots beside “My status.”

Hit the three vertical dots next to the status you want to remove and select “Delete.”

Delete option on WhatsApp for Android
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In the popup, hit “Delete,” and that’s it.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps:

In the “Status” tab, tap the three horizontal dots beside “My status.”

Long press the status you want. If you like to remove multiple statuses, select the remaining ones by tapping them. Hit the “Trash can” icon and tap “Delete” in the popup.


Hit the status you want to remove and the number of views at the bottom. Select the “Trash can” icon and hit “Delete.”

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Open the WhatsApp app and hit the “Status” tab at the bottom.

Tap “My Status.” Swipe the one you want to delete to the left.

Hit “Delete” and “Delete” in the confirmation popup.

Delete option
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That’s it.

Here’s an alternate method:

Tap “My status.” Long-press the one you want to remove or select the three horizontal dots beside it.

Tap the “Delete” option and “Delete 1 Status Update.”

Here’s another alternative method that you can use to delete multiple statuses at once.

Here are the steps:

Tap “My Status” and hit “Edit” on the top right.

Select the one(s) you want to delete.

Hit “Delete” at the bottom right. Hit “Delete X Status Updates.” X is the number of the status you’ve chosen to remove.

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Copy Your Text Status on WhatsApp (Android Only)

In WhatsApp for Android, navigate to the “Status” tab.

Hit the three horizontal dots beside “My status” and long-press the status you want to copy.

You can select the remaining ones if you want to copy multiple text statuses.

Tap the “Copy” icon.

Note: You can only copy your text status, and you can’t do this task on an iPhone, Web, or Desktop app.