How to Clear or Delete WhatsApp Chat
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How to Clear or Delete WhatsApp Chat

In this post, you’ll see steps to clear or delete chat on WhatsApp.

You’ll also view the steps to delete a WhatsApp message. Let’s begin.

Clear or Delete WhatsApp Chat

The difference between clearing and deleting a WhatsApp chat is that the former clears all conversation messages and doesn’t delete the conversation from the “Chats” tab. But the latter does both.

Remember that you can only remove the group chat after exiting it.


Steps to Delete Chats

Open the WhatsApp app and select the chats you want to remove. Hit the “Trash can” icon at the top.

Select the “Also delete media received in this chat from the device gallery” option in the pop-up if you want to remove conversation(s) media.

Tap the “Delete Chat” option in the pop-up, and that’s it.

Delete Chat option
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Steps to Clear Single Chat

In WhatsApp, open the conversation (contact or group) you want.

Tap the three vertical dots at the top and select “More” (beneath the Wallpaper).

Hit “Clear chat.”

Clear chat option in Android
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You can see a pop-up that has these options:

  • The “Also delete media received in this chat from the device gallery” option is selected by default. Leave it, and the media of the chat gets deleted. Or deselect the option.
  • “Delete starred messages” option (you’ll only see this if the chat has a starred message. Select it if you want to delete the starred one from the conversation.)

Tap “Clear Chat.”

Steps to Clear or Delete All Chats

These will happen if you delete all chats:

  • Remove all contact chat
  • Clear all group chats
  • Delete media of all chats

Here are the steps:

Launch WhatsApp and hit the three vertical dots on the top right.

Tap “Settings” and select Chats > Chat history.

To delete, select “Delete all chats.” Unselect “Also delete media received in chats from the device gallery” in the pop-up to not remove all chat media. Hit “Delete Chats,” and that’s all.

To clear, tap the “Clear all chats” between “Archive all chats” and “Delete all chats.”

In the pop-up, you’ll see the following:

  • “Also delete media received in chats from the device gallery” – Select this one to remove all conversation media.
  • Delete starred messages – Select this option to delete all your starred messages.

Select the above two options per your wish and hit “Clear Chats.”


Remember, the methods below will also delete the chat’s media.

Method #1

Slide the conversation to the left and select “More.”

To clear, hit “Clear Chat.”

You’ll see a pop-up with the following options:

  • Delete All Except Starred – This one clears all chat messages except the starred ones. Remember, you’ll only see this option if the conversation has a starred message.
  • Delete All Messages – This one will clear all the messages from the chat.

Hit the one you prefer, and that’s it.

To delete, tap “Delete Chat.”

Delete Chat option in WhatsApp for iPhone
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Tap “Delete Chat.”

Method #2 (Clear Only)

In the chat, tap the name on the top. Hit the “Clear Chat,” and the rest are the same as the above method.

Clear Chat option
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Method #3 (Delete Only)

Long-press the conversation and hit the “Delete Chat” option. Tap “Delete Chat.”

Method #4 (Delete Only)

In the “Chats” tab, tap the “Edit” option at the top left. Hit the chats and tap “Delete” at the bottom right.

In the pop-up, hit the “Delete (the number of selected chats) Chat(s)” option.

Clear or Delete All Conversations

If you delete all conversations, these things will happen:

  • Clear all group chats
  • Delete all sent and received media

Let’s see the steps.

In WhatsApp, hit “Settings” at the bottom and tap “Chats.”

To delete, hit the “Delete All Chats” option. Provide the number you’ve used to create your WhatsApp account and hit the “Delete All Chats.” That’s it.

To clear, select “Clear All Chats.”

You can now view the message stating that clearing your WhatsApp chats will delete the message history on your phone and all sent and received media.

Enter the phone number of your WhatsApp account. Hit the “Clear All Chats” option.


Open WhatsApp Web and click the conversation.

Hit the three vertical dots at the top right.

To delete, select the “Delete chat” option. In the pop-up, hit “Delete Chat.”

To clear, select “Clear messages.” You can see the “Keep starred messages.” Check it if you want not to delete the starred messages of the conversation. Hit the “Clear Chat” button.

Here’s an alternate method to delete:

Hover your mouse over the chat and hit the “Down arrow” or right-click on the conversation. Click the “Delete chat” and “Delete Chat.”


Open the WhatsApp Desktop app and right-click on the conversation.

To delete, select “Delete.” In the pop-up, click on “Delete.”

To clear, select “Clear messages.” Remember that the app will clear the messages from this device only. Hit the “Clear” button.

That’s it.

Here’s how you can clear or remove all WhatsApp chats at once (remember that deletion will also clear the group chats):

Hit the “Gear” icon in the bottom left of the Desktop app and select “Chats.”

To delete, hit the “Delete all chats” button. If you want to delete starred messages, uncheck “Keep starred messages.” Click on the “Delete all” button and hit “Yes.” That’s it.

To clear, click on the “Clear all messages” button.

If you wish to delete starred messages, uncheck “Keep starred messages.” Click on “Clear chats” and hit “Yes.”

Delete a Message on WhatsApp

Note that:

  • You can delete the WhatsApp message you receive only for yourself and the one you send for yourself and everyone else in the chat. Remember that this is the case for the contact chat and group conversation in which you are a “participant.” In the group chat, the admin can delete any message for themself and others.
  • The time limit to delete for others after you send the message is two days and 12 hours. After that, you can’t do that.
  • WhatsApp will not notify you if the deletion is unsuccessful.
  • If you delete a message for everyone, the other side will know that you deleted this message.

Let’s see the steps to remove a message on WhatsApp that apply to Android, iPhone, and the Web.

Open the group or contact chat.

On Android, long-press the message. Select the remaining ones if you want to delete more than one. Tap the “Trash can” icon at the top.

On iPhone, long-press the message and select “Delete.” Choose all the remaining ones you want to remove if you wish. Tap the “Trash icon” at the bottom left.

On the Web, hover over the message, click on the “Down arrow,” and select “Delete message.”

You may see “Delete for everyone” and “Delete for me.” The latter deletes the message only for you, and the former removes it for everyone in the conversation.

Delete for everyone and Delete for me options
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On Android or the Web, if the message you selected is media, you’ll see the option “Also delete media received in this chat from the device gallery” (on Android) or “Delete file from your phone” (on the Web). Select this one if that’s what you want.

Hit the option you want. If you’re deleting a group message of someone as admin and using the “Delete for everyone,” tap the “Delete for everyone” (if you’re using Android or Web) or “Delete” (if you’re using iPhone) in the pop-up.

Remember that you can undo this delete by hitting “Undo,” which is available for 5 seconds. This one is available if you’ve used the “Delete for me.”


When I write this, “Undo” is unavailable for the Desktop app, and the deletion works like the below.

On the Desktop, right-click on the message.

You can view the “Delete for me” option for the one you received and sent (which passed the time limit). Hit it and hit “Delete for me.” That’s it.

You see the “Delete” option for the message you send that doesn’t expire the time limit. Select the latter, and you can see the “Delete for everyone” and “Delete for me” options.

Click on the option you like.