How to Create a Desktop Shortcut in Windows 11

Let’s look at the different methods to create a desktop shortcut in Windows 11.

Create a Windows 11 Desktop Shortcut using the Start Menu

Here are the steps:

Open the Start menu.

Hit the All apps button.

Find the program you want to add a shortcut to your desktop.

Drag and drop it on the desktop, and you can now see the shortcut on your desktop.

Create Desktop Shortcut using Option

Right-click on the app, file, or folder you want.

Select Show more options.

Hover your mouse over “Send to” and hit the “Desktop (create shortcut)” option.

That’s all. On the desktop, you can see the shortcut now.

Here are two alternate ways:

Method #1

Right-click on the item and select Show more options.

Hit Create shortcut option.

You can now see the shortcut. Drag and drop it to the desktop.


You can now see the popup. Hit “Yes” on that.

Method #2

Right-click on the blank space on the desktop.

Select New > Shortcut.

You need to provide a command or path in the popup.

Hit the Next button.

If you don’t like the suggested name, provide the name you prefer.

Hit the Finish button, and that’s it.

I hope this guide, “How to Create a Desktop Shortcut in Windows 11,” is helpful to you.

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