How to Disable Auto-Download on Telegram
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How to Disable Auto-Download on Telegram

In this post, you’ll see the steps to stop auto-download on Telegram.

I use Android, iPhone, Web, and Desktop here. Let’s start.

Stop Auto-Download on Telegram


Launch the Telegram app and tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

Select Settings > Data and Storage.

In the Automatic media download section, you can see these three options:

Automatic media download section
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  • When using mobile data (this option is for cellular data)
  • When connected to Wi-Fi (this option is for Wi-Fi connection)
  • When roaming

To disable auto-download for the type of connection you prefer, hit the toggle switch beside that.

If you want to customize, then tap one of your preferred options from above.

On Mobile Data screen
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Now you can see these two: Data usage section which is for customizing the data usage. Type of media section which is for customizing what kind of media you like to auto-download.

If you hit the media type (for instance: Photos), you can see the different types of chats. If you want to turn off any of it, disable the type of chat and hit Save.

Remember that the voice message will auto-download and you can’t stop that.

If you prefer to reset the auto-download settings of the Telegram app, you need to hit the Reset Auto-Download Settings option in the Automatic media download section. Make sure to hit Reset in the popup. Keep in mind that this option only works if you have made any changes to the auto-download settings.

Reset Auto-Download Settings option
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That’s it.

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Open Telegram and hit Settings at the bottom.

Tap Data and Storage and you can see the Automatic Media Download section.

The Reset Auto-Download Settings is for resettings the auto-download settings. Hit it and hit Reset if you want to do a reset. Remember you can find this option working only when your settings are not the default.

Reset Auto-Download Settings on iPhone
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The “Using Cellular” option is for cellular data and “Using Wi-Fi” is for Wi-Fi connection.

Tap the one you prefer.

Using Wi-Fi screen
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To turn off auto-download, disable the toggle switch at the top.

The Data Usage and Types of Media sections are for customizing the auto-download.

Note that the voice messages will auto-download as always.


Open the Telegram Desktop app.

Click on the three horizontal lines at the top left.

Select Settings and then Advanced in the popup.

Under the Automatic media download section, you can see In private chats, In groups, and In channels.

Choose the one you like.

You can disable anyone you see in the Automatically download section by turning off the toggle switch.

Click on Save and that’s it.


Launch the Telegram Web and hit the three horizontal lines at the upper left corner.

Click on Settings > Data and Storage.

In the Auto-download photos section, you can turn off the kind of chats for which you don’t want the auto-download of images.

The same applies to Auto-download videos and GIFs and Auto-download files.

That’s all.