How to Disable Notifications on Telegram
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How to Disable Notifications or Message Preview on Telegram

In this post, you’ll see the steps to disable message preview and notifications on Telegram.

You’ll also see the steps to turn on or off Telegram bubble notifications and stop the contact joined notification. Let’s begin.

Disable Telegram Notifications or Message Preview


Launch the Telegram app and tap “Settings” at the bottom.

Select “Notifications and Sounds” and tap the type of chat you want to turn off notifications or message preview. The available options are Private Chats, Group Chats, and Channels.

Turn off “Show Notifications” to disable notifications.

Turned off Show Notifications
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Disable the “Message Preview” in the “Options” section to turn off the message preview.

Disabled Message Preview
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To enable notifications or message preview, turn on the option mentioned above.

You can add a chat, channel, or group as an exception in Telegram. If you do that, you’ll get notifications from that alone.

Beneath the “Show Notifications,” you can see the “Add an Exception.” Hit it and tap the one you like. Tap “Add” at the top right.

That’s it.

To remove all exceptions at once, tap “Delete All Exceptions.” Hit “Delete All” in the popup.

Here’s an alternate way to do this:

Launch the “Settings” app and select “Telegram.”

Tap “Notifications” and turn off “Allow Notifications.”

That’s it. To enable the Telegram notifications, turn on the option mentioned above.

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Open the Telegram app and hit the three horizontal lines at the top left.

Select Settings > Notifications and Sounds.

To turn off notifications for private chats, turn off “Private Chats.” For group chats, turn off “Groups” and disable “Channels” for channels.

Turned off notifications for all
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Tap “Private Chats,” “Groups,” and “Channels” for the private chats, groups, and channels, respectively.

Turn off the “Show Message Previews” above “Light Color.”

Disabled Show Message Previews
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That’s it. If you want the message preview or notifications, enable the abovementioned option.

You can add someone as an exception. In other words, after disabling the notifications for a particular chat type (for instance: channels), you can add a single one as an exception. When you do that, you’ll get notifications from that channel alone.

I’m doing this for channels. But the steps are the same for private chats and groups. Here’s how:

Tap “Channels,” which you’ve seen above. Hit “Add an Exception” and tap the channel you wish. Hit “Done” at the top right.

That’s it.

You can remove all exceptions, and for that, you need to tap “Delete All Exceptions” and hit “Delete” in the popup.

Let’s see the alternate method to do this:

Press the Telegram app, and you can see the “Info” icon. Tap it, and you’ll be on the Telegram “App info” screen.

Tap “Notifications.” You can see “All Telegram notifications.”

All Telegram notifications
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Please turn it off, and that’s it. To enable notifications, turn on the option mentioned above.

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In the Telegram Web, hit the three horizontal lines at the top left.

Click on Settings > Notifications and Sounds.

Here, you can turn off notifications for the type of chat you prefer.

I turned off “Notifications for private chats,” “Notifications for groups,” and “Notifications for channels.”

That’s it. From now on, no notifications will appear for chats, groups, and channels.

Here are the steps to turn off message preview:

For private chats, you need to look into “Private Chats.” For group chats, see the “Groups” section. View the “Channels” section for the channels.

There, you can see the “Show Message Previews” option. Disable it, and that’s all.


In the Telegram Desktop app, click on the three horizontal lines at the top left.

Select Settings > Notifications and Sounds.

For the message preview, follow these steps: you can see the “Text” beside the “Name.” Uncheck the Text, and that’s it.

In the “Notifications for chats” section, disable “Desktop notifications.”

Whenever you want the notifications or message preview, enable the above option.

Turn On or Off Bubble Notifications on Telegram (Android)

Bubble notifications are default turned off for Telegram for Android. You can turn it on by following these steps:

Open the Settings app. Hit Apps > See all (number) apps.

Tap “Telegram” and hit “Notifications.”

In the “Conversations” section, tap “Bubbles.” You can view these three options:

Bubbles options
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  • All conversations can bubble
  • Selected conversations can bubble
  • Nothing can bubble.

Self-explanatory, right? To disable bubble notifications, choose the latter. Otherwise, choose any of the remaining two options as per your wish.

That’s it.

If you have enabled it, you can see a bubble when you receive a message. Tap it to see the chat and reply to the message if you wish.

And you can drag the bubble and drop it anywhere you want.

To remove it from the screen, drag and drop it on the “X” icon, which you see at the bottom of the screen.

You can also remove it by tapping the bubble, selecting “Manage,” and hitting “Dismiss bubble.”

Stop Notifications You Receive When Your Contact Joins Telegram

The Telegram app will notify you and create a chat if a contact on your device joins Telegram. Follow the below steps if you don’t want to get notified.

Remember that the below steps stop notifications only and don’t stop the chat from being created.

If you want to achieve the latter, you need to delete synced contacts and disable contacts sync. Doing those will cause inconveniences while using the app, so I don’t suggest you do those.

Android or iPhone

Open the Telegram app.

On Android, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left and select “Settings.” On iPhone, select the “Settings” tab at the bottom.

Hit “Notifications and Sounds.”

On Android, find the “Events” section; you can see “Contact joined Telegram” above “Pinned Messages.”

On iPhone, scroll down, and above “Reset All Notifications,” you’ll see “New Contacts.”

Please disable it, and that’s all.

Disabled New Contacts
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You’ll not get a notification when a contact of yours joins Telegram. If you want to revert, enable the above option.

Web or Desktop

In Telegram Web or Desktop app, hit the three horizontal lines at the left sidebar top.

Select “Settings.”

Click on “Notifications” (on the Web) or “Notifications and Sounds” (on the Desktop).

Turn off “Contact joined Telegram,” and that’s it.

If you want to revert, enable “Contact joined Telegram.”