Disable Voice Message Recording on WhatsApp
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How to Disable Voice Message Recording on WhatsApp (and More)

In this post, you’ll see the steps to disable voice message recording on WhatsApp.

Also, you’ll see the steps to change voice message speed and preview a WhatsApp voice message. Let’s begin.

Disable Voice Message Recording on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp app doesn’t have the option to disable voice message recording.

However, you can achieve this by revoking the microphone access provided to WhatsApp. Let’s see how.

But before that, it is essential to note the disadvantages of doing this:

  • You can’t make WhatsApp voice and video calls.
  • You can receive calls, but you can’t attend to them.

The only way to fix the above is by providing microphone access to WhatsApp.


Open the “Settings” app. Hit Apps > See all X apps. X is a number.

Find and hit “WhatsApp.”

Tap “Permissions” and hit “Microphone.”

Select “Don’t allow.”

Selected Don't allow
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That’s all.

Here’s how to enable voice recording on WhatsApp:

Follow the steps above, and you can see these three options: 

1. Allow only while using the app: WhatsApp will have access to the microphone only when you’re using it.

2. Ask every time: If you choose this option, WhatsApp will ask about microphone access each time you try to use a feature that requires the microphone.

3. Don’t allow: This is for disabling microphone access to WhatsApp.

Pick the first option (Allow only while using the app).

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Open the “Settings” app and hit “WhatsApp.”

Disable “Microphone,” and that’s it.

Disabled Microphone
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You can enable WhatsApp voice recording by allowing the “Microphone” mentioned above.

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Change the Playback Speed of WhatsApp Voice Messages

The “Fast playback” feature lets you change the playback speed of the voice messages on WhatsApp. Using this feature reduces the time you listen to WhatsApp voice notes.

It offers three playback speed options: 1x, 1.5x, and 2x. The 1x is the default, and the other options are to increase the playback speed.

Note that WhatsApp doesn’t offer the option to slow down or disable the WhatsApp voice message speed.

Let’s see how to use this feature on Android, iPhone, Web, and Desktop.

Open the chat with a voice message you prefer. Play the voice note, and you can see the current playback speed 1x.

Hit it, and you’ll have a playback speed of 1.5x. Hit 1.5x to have 2x speed, and hit the latter to have the 1x.

2x speed
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That’s all. Remember, the one you set for the voice message will remain until you change it.

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Preview a WhatsApp Voice Message Before Sending

Open WhatsApp on your Android phone or iPhone.

Hit your preferred chat (group or contact).

Swipe up the “Microphone” button on the bottom right.

You can now do the hands-free recording. Once you have done recording, hit the “Pause” icon.

You can see the “Play” icon, which you can tap to play the recording. The “Microphone” icon is for resuming the recording.

Play and other icons
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If you don’t want to send this voice message, hit the “Trash can” icon at the bottom left.

Tap the “Send” button on the bottom right to send it.