How to Export WhatsApp or Telegram Chat
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How to Export WhatsApp or Telegram Chat

In this post, you’ll see the steps to export a WhatsApp or Telegram conversation. Let’s begin.

Export WhatsApp Chat History

Note that:

  • Export chat is a feature that you can use to export WhatsApp chat history from Android and iPhone.
  • No one knows if you exported the chat.
  • You can export up to 10,000 latest messages with the media and up to 40,000 messages without media. This one is because of the maximum email size.
  • WhatsApp doesn’t offer the option to export multiple or all chats simultaneously.
  • This feature is not available on WhatsApp Web and Desktop app.


Open the WhatsApp app.

Hit the contact or group conversation in the “Chats” tab. I’m choosing the former here.

Tap the name at the top and tap “Export Chat” between “Share Contact” and “Clear Chat.”

Export Chat option on WhatsApp for iPhone
  • Save

You can see “Attach Media” and “Without Media.” The former includes media attachments, while the latter doesn’t. Pick the one you want.

The options and apps are now visible. Choose the email app of your choice. Here, I choose “Gmail.”

Please enter the email address to which you like to send the chat history. If you wish, type the subject. Tap the “Send” icon.

That’s it.

The recipient will now receive an email with a ZIP file that contains chat history as a text file.

If you selected “Attach Media” in the above steps, you’d also see media attachments in their original formats.

Here’s an alternate method:

Tap the “Settings” tab at the bottom of WhatsApp. Tap “Chats” between “Privacy” and “Notifications.”

Hit “Export Chat” between “Chat Backup” and “Keep Chats Archived.” Choose the chat, and the rest of the steps are the same as above.


In the WhatsApp app, tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

Choose Settings > Chats > Chat history > Export chat.

You can choose which chat you like. You can now view two options – “Without Media” and “Include Media.” If you don’t want media attachments, choose the former. Otherwise, opt for the latter.

You can now view many apps. Choose the email app of your choice. I’ve chosen “Gmail” here.

Enter the email address you wish to send the WhatsApp conversation in the “To:” field.

Change the subject as you want in the “Subject:” field. Tap “Send.”

That’s all.

The recipient will now receive an email. This email will include WhatsApp conversation history as a text attachment. If you selected “Include Media” in the above steps, you’d also see media attachments in their original formats.

Here’s an alternate way:

Open a WhatsApp group or contact chat. Tap the three vertical dots on the top right and “More.”

Select “Export chat” between “Clear chat” and “Add shortcut.”

Export chat option
  • Save

Afterward, follow the same steps as above.

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Export Chat on Telegram

You can export a single Telegram chat or all of the Telegram data.

Below you’ll find the steps to do both, and remember that only on Telegram Desktop you can do these tasks.

Export Single Chat

In the Telegram Desktop app, hit the one you like. It can be a private chat, group, or channel.

Click the three vertical dots at the top right and select “Export chat history.”

Export chat history option on Telegram Desktop
  • Save

In the pop-up, you can see the following ones:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Voice messages
  • Video messages
  • Stickers
  • GIFs
  • Files

Choose any of the above if you prefer to export it.

You can set the size limit for which you need to use the slider. Note that no file above the size you’ve specified will be exported.

Hit the current format (HTML), and you’ll see two options regarding the export format. They are “Human-readable HTML” and “Machine-readable JSON.” Choose the one you prefer and hit “Save.”

Hit the current path if you prefer to change it. It is nothing but the place where your export is stored.

“From” and “to” options are for choosing the start and end date.

Hit “Export,” and that’s all.

Once the export is finished, you can see the “Show My Data” button. Click it to see the contents.

Or, go to the path you’ve set, open the folder there, and you can see the contents.

Export All Telegram Data

Open the Telegram Desktop app.

Click the three horizontal lines at the top of the left sidebar and select “Settings.”

Hit “Advanced” and scroll down to the bottom.

Hit “Export Telegram data.”

In the pop-up, you can see the things you’ve seen in the above section with the following:

Export Your Data pop-up
  • Save
  • Account information
  • Contacts list
  • Personal chats
  • Bot chats
  • Private groups
  • Only my messages
  • Private channels
  • Public groups
  • Public channels
  • Active sessions
  • Miscellaneous data

Enable or disable the one you prefer.

Hit “Export,” and that’s it.

Once the export is completed, hit the “Show My Data” button to see the contents.