How to Activate Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Dark Mode

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How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode

Here, I’m using a PC, Android, and iPhone.


Log on to Facebook.

Click on the “Reverse triangle” at the top right.

Hit Display & accessibility.

You can see the following in the “Dark mode” section:

  • On – Turn on Facebook’s dark mode.

Pick the one you prefer.

Android or iPhone

Open the Facebook app.

Tap the Menu (three horizontal lines) at the bottom (if you’re using an iPhone) or at the top (if you’re using an Android).

Hit Settings & Privacy > Settings.

You can now see Dark Mode in the Preferences section. Hit it.

The following three options are available:

  • On – Enable dark mode.
  • Off – Disable dark mode.
  • System (if you’re on an iPhone) or “Use system settings” (if you’re on an Android) – The app will also be in dark mode if the device is in dark mode. It will not be in dark mode if the device is not in dark mode.

Select the one you prefer.

That’s all.

How to Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Here, I’m using an Android and an iPhone.

Here are the steps to enable Facebook Messenger dark mode:

Open the Facebook Messenger app.

Hit your profile picture at the top.

You’ll see “Dark Mode.” Hit it.

There are three options available to you:

  • On – Enable dark mode.
  • Off – Turn dark mode off.
  • System – Whenever the device is in dark mode, so is the app. The app isn’t in dark mode if the device isn’t in dark mode.

Choose the one you prefer.

That’s it.

How to Activate or Deactivate Instagram Dark Mode

Instagram has a dark mode, and here’s how to enable or disable it on Android and iPhone.


Your Instagram app will reflect your Android device’s dark mode state (Android 10 or higher). For example, if you have turned off dark mode on an Android device, Instagram will not be in dark mode.

On Android, you can enable or disable dark mode as follows (in this case, I’m on Android 10):

Open Settings. Tap on Display > Advanced.

Activate (to turn on) or deactivate (to turn off) the Dark theme.

So that’s all there is to it.

The following steps will enable dark mode on the Instagram app only.

Open the Instagram app. Hit your profile picture at the bottom.

Tap the three horizontal lines at the top right of the screen.

Choose Settings. You can find the Theme under About. Hit it.

You now have three options to choose from:

  • Light – Disable dark mode.
  • Dark – Enable dark mode.
  • System Default – Set the state of your device’s dark mode to Instagram app. For example, if your device isn’t in dark mode, then the app won’t be.

You can select anyone except the former.

So that’s it.


By default, the Instagram app reflects the dark mode setting of your iPhone (iOS 13 or later). For example, if your iPhone is in dark mode, the app is too.

This is how to turn on or off dark mode on iPhone (I am using iOS 14.7.1 in this example):

Open Settings. Then, hit Display & Brightness.

Choose Light (to turn off) or Dark (to turn on) under Appearance.

Alright, that’s it.

Note: If you want the dark mode enabled or disabled only for a certain period, choose Automatic. You can set the time to your liking.

Does Instagram have a dark mode on the desktop version?

Instagram’s desktop version does not support dark mode.

How to Enable Compact Mode on Facebook

Facebook’s compact mode reduces font size to display more content on the screen.

To enable or disable it on your PC, follow these steps:

Log in to Facebook. In the top right corner, click the inverted triangle icon.

Hit Display & accessibility. The Compact mode section is below the Dark mode section.

You will find these two options there:

  • On – Activate compact mode.
  • Off – Deactivate compact mode.

Choose the one you prefer.

That’s all.