How to Turn On or Off Filter Keys in Windows 11

Here, I’m using Windows 11. Let’s start.

What’s “Filter Keys” and How to Turn it On or Off?

This accessibility feature allows you to change keyboard repeat rates and ignore brief or repeated keystrokes.

By default, this one is off. Here’s how you can activate or deactivate it:

Access the Settings by pressing Windows + I on your keyboard.

Click on the Accessibility option on the left sidebar and select “Keyboard” on the right.

Activate (to turn on) or deactivate (to turn off) the switch beside the Filter keys, and that’s all.

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You’ll see the following options if you click on the “Filter keys:”

  • Keyboard shortcut for Filter keys

If you hold the right Shift key for eight seconds, the Filter Keys popup will appear.

If you don’t want this popup, turn this option off. Enable it if you need the popup.

If you disable the Filter Keys popup, you can’t turn filter keys on and off using the “Shift” method mentioned below.

  • Show the Filter keys icon on the taskbar
  • Beep when keys are pressed or accepted

Both of the above options are self-explanatory, aren’t they?

  • Ignore quick keystrokes (slow keys) – Ignore keys that are not pressed for a certain period.
  • Ignore unintended keystrokes (bounce keys) – Ignore the double hit of the same key or other similar errors for a while.
  • Ignore repeated keystrokes (repeat keys) – On most keyboards, holding down a key means repeated keystrokes of that key. This option allows you to ignore repeated keystrokes for a specific time.

Remember that if you enable any of the above three, you can configure it.

To do that, click on the down arrow in the option, and you’ll see the options. Play with it if you wish.

Here are the alternative methods to turn on and off the filter keys:

Method #1

To turn it on: hold the right Shift key for eight seconds. Click the Yes button on the Filter Keys popup.

To turn it off: hold the right Shift key for eight seconds.

Method #2

Start Control Panel.

If you’re on Category view, click the Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center. Otherwise, click the Ease of Access Center.

Select “Make the keyboard easier to use.” Activate (to turn on) or deactivate (to turn off) the Turn on Filter Keys.

Click the OK button.

I hope this guide, “How to Turn On or Off Filter Keys in Windows 11,” is helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.