How to Show or Hide Folder Merge Conflicts in Windows 11

Written by Thirumalraj

Say you copy or move folder A from Downloads to Documents. Documents already contain folder A.

By default, you aren’t notified that the destination folder has a folder with the same name and that the folders are merged.

Please follow the steps below if you wish to be notified and decide on merging folders.

How to Show or Hide Folder Merge Conflicts

Here are the steps:

Open the File Explorer Options. To do this, open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R. Type control folders in it and press Enter key.

Navigate to the View tab.

Uncheck (to show) or check (to hide) the “Hide folder merge conflicts” option.

You can find this one between “Hide extensions for known file types” and “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).”

Click the OK button at the bottom.

That’s it.

A confirmation popup will now appear when a folder with the same name exists on the target when you move or copy a folder.

Note: The “Hide folder merge conflicts” option does not affect the confirmation popup that appears when the destination location has a file of the same name while you are copying or moving a file.

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