How to Change Default Font and Background Color in Notepad++

You will learn how to change the default font and background color in Notepad++ in this post.

In this instance, I’m using Windows 10. Let’s get started.

How to Change Default Background and Font Color in Notepad++

Open Notepad++.

Hit Settings at the top.

Hit Style Configurator.

In the Style Configurator pop-up, you will see a drop-down list beside Select theme.

Open it. Select the theme one by one and see which one you prefer.

Once you find the one you prefer, hit the Save & Close button.

Alternative Way

Use the steps above to open the Style Configurator pop-up.

Make sure Global Styles is selected for Language, and Global override is selected for Style in the pop-up.

In the Colour Style section, you can see the Foreground colour (that is, text color) and the Background colour.

Select the color you prefer by clicking on the color beside the ones mentioned above.

If you have changed the text color, then select Enable global foreground color.

If you’ve changed the background color, you’ll need to select Enable global background color.

Click on the Save & Close button.

That’s it.


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