How to Forward a Text Message on Android Phone

I use Google Pixel 4a (Android 12) in this post. Here are the steps:

Open the Messages app.

Open a conversation that contains the message you want to forward.

Long-press the preferred message and then hit the three vertical dots at the top right.

Tap Forward. In the “Forward message” popup, you’ll see the numbers from which you’ve sent or received a message.

If you find the number you want, tap on it and see the last step in this post. Otherwise, hit the “New message” option.

Here, I choose the option “New message.”

Now you can look at this screen where you see the “To” field.

Enter the name, phone number, or e-mail address in the “To” field. Select the contact you prefer, or use the Enter key on your keyboard, depending on which one you type. If you enter an e-mail address, the message will be forwarded as an MMS.

Now you can see the message in the compose box. Edit it if you want and tap on the “Send” icon.

That’s it.

I hope this guide, “How to Forward a Text Message on Android Phone,” is helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.

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