How to Turn Off Google News App Notifications (and More) (Android and iPhone)

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Here, I use Android and iPhone. Let’s start.

How to Turn Off Discover

You’ll see the steps to turn off discover on, Chrome, and Google apps.

I’m using Android and iPhone here. Let’s see the steps.

Follow these steps to turn it off in the Chrome app:

Open Chrome. Hit the Gear icon beside Discover.

Select Turn Off. That’s it.

Note: To turn on discover, you must follow the above steps and see “Turn on” now. Select it.

Follow these steps to turn it off in the Google app:

Open the Google app. Hit your profile picture at the top.

Select Settings > General. Turn off Discover.

Note: You can revert by turning on Discover.

On, if you see the discover and you want to turn it off, follow these steps:

Hit the three horizontal lines at the top left of

Select Settings.

In the Discover section, you can see these two options:

  • Show stories related to your interests on the Google homepage
  • Don’t show on homepage

Select the latter and then hit the Save button at the bottom.

Note: If you want to get it back, select the former. Make sure to tap the Save button.

Additional Hints

Here’s a vital thing to note for Android users:

When you turn off the discover in the Google app, you’ll no longer see it when you swipe right on the home screen (which you can see when you press the Home button. You may need to press this button twice if you’re on any app).

Also, note that you can follow the above steps for the Google app to turn off the discover from here.

Here’s an alternate way to do this task on Android. Remember that this method will turn off discover entirely.

Long press the blank space on the home screen.

Select Home settings > Swipe Access.

Select Nothing.

That’s all. From now on, when you swipe to the right, you can’t see anything.

Note: If you want to revert, follow the above steps, but select Google feed.

How to Turn Off Google News Notifications

Here’s how you can turn off Google News app notifications on Android and iPhone:

Open the Google News app. Tap on your profile picture at the top.

Tap “News settings” and then “Notifications.” Disable the button next to “Get notifications.”

Note: To enable notifications, follow the steps above, but instead of disabling, enable. If you are on an iPhone, you may see a pop-up where you need to tap “Allow.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll see:

Let’s start.

How to Hide Sources You Don’t Like

Tap the three vertical dots (Android) or three horizontal dots (iPhone) under the source story you don’t like in the app.

You can see the “Hide stories from (source name)” option – tap it to hide the source.

Remember, if you hide a source, you won’t see it. Here’s how you can view the sources you’re hiding:

Tap your profile picture, then News settings. Hit “Sources & topics you see less of.”

You can now see the sources you’re hiding. To unhide a source, tap the icon next to it.

How to Save a Story

If you prefer, you can save the story. Remember that saving a story is like creating a bookmark, and here are the steps:

Tap on the three horizontal dots (if you’re on an iPhone) or three vertical dots (on Android) under the story you want to save. Tap the “Save for later” option.

That’s all.

You can view stored stories as follows:

  1. Tap “Following” at the bottom.
  2. Find the “Saved stories” section.
  3. Tap the “View all and manage” option. You can now view all stored stories.

Tap the three horizontal or vertical dots below the saved story to remove it. Tap the “Remove from saved stories” option.

How to Share Your Stories Preferences with Google News

If you like or dislike a story and want to see more or less of it, you can let the Google News app know, and here’s how:

Tap the three vertical dots (if you’re on Android) or the three horizontal dots (if you’re on the iPhone) under the story you like or dislike.

More stories like this – tap this if you want to see more stories like this. Fewer stories like this – tap this if you like to see fewer stories like this.

How to Turn Off Google News Autoplay

The Google News app autoplay videos by default. You can stop it if you’re not a fan, and here’s how on Android and iPhone:

Tap your profile picture at the top. Select “News settings.” Tap “Autoplay videos” (if you’re on iPhone) or “Autoplay videos in the feed” (if you’re on Android).

You can see the following three options:

  • Enabled – this option plays videos automatically regardless of your internet connection. This option is the default option.
  • Wi-Fi only – this option only plays videos automatically if you have a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Disabled – this option stops automatic playback.

Select “Disabled.”

How to Enable Google News Dark Theme

Follow these steps if you’re using Android:

Tap your profile picture > News settings > Dark theme.

In the pop-up, you’ll see the following options:

  • System default (apply the dark mode status of the Android to the app. For example, if the Android is in dark mode, then the app will also be in dark theme)
  • Always (to turn on the dark theme)
  • Never (to turn off the dark theme)

Choose the one you prefer.

Note: Activate dark mode on your iPhone to see the Google News app in Dark theme.

How to Turn On or Off Mini Cards (Android)

By default, you can see large cards on Google News. If you prefer the small cards, follow these steps:

Tap on your profile picture > News settings. Turn on “Mini cards.”

Note: To revert, turn it off.

How to Enable or Disable Data Saver Mode (Android)

Tap your profile picture > News settings. Select “Data Saver mode.” You’ll see these options in the pop-up – Automatic, Enabled, and Disabled. Select the one you prefer.

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