How to Find, Hide, or Change Birthday on Facebook
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How to Find, Hide, and Change Birthday on Facebook (and More)

In this post, you’ll see the steps to find, hide or change the birthday on FB.

You’ll also view the steps to turn off birthday notifications and change your gender on Facebook. Let’s start.

Find Birthdays on Facebook

Follow the steps below to find the upcoming birthdays of your friends and your specific friend’s birthday.

Find Your Specific Friend Birthday

To find a friend’s birthday, visit their profile.

On PC, click “About” and “Contact and basic info.” On Android or iPhone, hit “See X’s About Info.” X is the name of your friend.

Depending on what they haven’t hidden, you can see the birth date, birth year, both, or none of those in the “Basic info” section.

Friend birthday
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Find Upcoming Birthdays on Facebook

Note: Remember that you only see the upcoming birthday of friends who have not hidden the birthday.


Log in to your Facebook account.

Click on “Events” on the left sidebar. If you can’t see it, hit “See More” to see it.

Hit “Birthdays” on the left sidebar.

Android or iPhone

In the Facebook app, tap on the “Search” icon at the top right and type birthdays in the search box. Tap “Birthdays,” and that’s it.

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Hide or Change Your Birthday and Gender on Facebook


Go to your FB profile. Click About > Contact and basic info.

Under the “Basic Info” section, click on the “Pencil” icon next to “Birth date.”

Hit the current privacy setting besides birth date or year, and you’ll see these options:

  • Public (anyone can see it)
  • Friends (only your Facebook friends can see it)
  • Only me (only you see it)
  • Custom (this is for including and excluding certain friends and lists to see it)

Select the one you like, tap “Done,” and hit “Save.”

If you want to change your birthday, open the date, month, and year drop-down lists and make changes per your liking. Check the box “I confirm that I am (number) years old” and hit “Save.”

To change or hide gender, follow these steps:

Click on the “Pencil” icon next to the “Gender.” Open the drop-down list and select the gender. Uncheck “Show on my timeline” if you do not want to display gender on the timeline.

Click “Save.”

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Android or iPhone

Go to your profile on the Facebook app.

Tap “See Your About Info” and “Edit” next to “Basic info.”

To hide your birthday or birth year, tap the drop-down list of the “Birthday” or “Birth Year,” which is on the right side of the screen. The former is for the date and month, and the latter is for the year.

You can view these options:

Birthday drop-down list options
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  • Public (anyone can see)
  • Friends (only your Facebook friends can see)
  • Only me (only you can see)

Choose the one you desire and tap “Save.”

To change your birthday, tap the month, date, or year and pick the one you prefer. Hit “I confirm that I am (number) years old” and hit the “Save” button.

To change gender, under “Gender,” select the gender. To hide it, tap the icon beside “Gender” and select “Hidden from timeline.” Hit “Save.”

Hidden from timeline option
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Turn Off Birthday Notifications on Facebook

On PC, sign in to Facebook and click on your profile picture at the top right. Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android, and tap the “Menu.”

Select Settings & privacy > Settings.

On Android or iPhone, hit Profile settings > Notification settings. On the PC, click “Notifications” on the left sidebar.

Hit “Birthdays.”

All birthday notifications options
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If you don’t want Push, SMS, or Email, disable the switch beside it.

To stop upcoming birthday notifications, disable the “Upcoming Birthdays.” For belated birthday notifications, disable the “Belated Birthdays.”

To turn off all birthday notifications, switch off the toggle switch next to “Allow notifications on Facebook.”

On Android or iPhone, tap “Turn Off.” If you turn this off, others will also be disabled.