How to Hide Last Seen and Online on WhatsApp
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How to Hide Last Seen and Online on WhatsApp

In this post, you’ll see the steps to hide WhatsApp’s last seen and online.

Also, you’ll view the steps to fix the last seen not updating issue, and why can’t you see the last seen on WhatsApp? Let’s begin.

Hide Last Seen and Online on WhatsApp

The “Last seen” displays the last time a person used WhatsApp. The Online status shows that a person is currently using the app.

When you open the chat screen of the contact, you can see the last seen or online status at the top beneath their name.

Note this important point: If you hide your last seen or online, you won’t see the last seen or online of others on WhatsApp.

I use the Android phone, iPhone, Web, and Desktop here.

Android or iPhone

Open the WhatsApp app.

On Android, hit the three vertical dots and select “Settings” under “Payments.” On iPhone, tap “Settings” at the bottom.

Select “Privacy.”

Hit the “Last seen and online” option.

You can see these four options in the first section: Everyone, My contacts, My contacts except, and Nobody.

The first one allows everyone to see your last seen. The second lets your contacts see it, the third lets your contacts exclude those you’ve chosen to view it, and the final one lets no one see it.

Pick “Nobody,” and that’s it.

Chosen Nobody
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In the second section, you can see the “Everyone” and “Same as last seen.”

The first option allows anyone to see your online status, and the other applies your last seen setting to the online status. For instance, if you’ve chosen the latter and let no one view your last seen, the same applies to the online.

Pick the “Same as last seen,” and that’s all.

Chosen Same as last seen
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Open the WhatsApp Web. Click on the three vertical dots on the top left sidebar.

Select “Settings” above “Log out,” and hit “Privacy.”

Click on “Last seen and online,” and you’ll see these four options in the “Who can see my last seen” section:

  • Everyone – Allows your contacts to see it.
  • My contacts – This one lets everyone see your last seen.
  • My contacts except – Allow the contacts except those you’ve selected to see it.
  • Nobody – Allows no one to see it.

Please choose “Nobody,” and that’s all.

In the “Who can see when I’m online” section, you can view the “Everyone” and “Same as last seen” options.

Please choose the latter, and if you want to know what these options do, please check the above section.

Note: You can only view the option you’ve chosen for the last seen and online on WhatsApp Desktop. Here’s how: open the Desktop app and hit the “Gear” icon. Click “Account,” and beside “Last seen and online,” you can see the options you’ve chosen.

Fix WhatsApp Last Seen Not Updating

Note that I use an Android phone here.

Solution 1 – Internet Connection

Ensure you have got a stable internet connection.

If that’s the case, try switching to a different internet connection. For instance, switch to Wi-Fi if you’re on a mobile data connection.

Solution 2 – Restart

Restart your Android phone, and here’s how you can do that:

Long press the “Power” button on your Android device.

You can see these four options: Emergency, Lockdown, Power off, and Restart.

Hit the latter, and that’s it.

Solution 3 – Update WhatsApp

Open the Play Store on your Android phone. See if an update is available for WhatsApp. If any, update WhatsApp.

Check whether the last seen not updating problem is solved.

Why Can’t I See Last Seen on WhatsApp

Note that here I use an Android phone.

Reason 1 – Check Your Privacy Setting

If you can’t see the last seen of others, it may be because of your last seen privacy setting.

On WhatsApp, you have four options regarding the last seen. Please check this post’s top section to see what those options are and what they do.

Remember, if you didn’t let someone view yours last seen, you too can’t be able to see theirs. So make sure your privacy setting is not why you can’t see the last seen on WhatsApp.

Reason 2 – You are Blocked

If a person blocks you, you can’t view their last seen, and they can’t see yours.

You can find out if a person blocked you or not by doing all the below checks, and in the end, you can conclude with a high chance of being right.

Here are they:

  • Send a message to the contact. After a while, if you still see a single tick only, follow the next one. If you see blue ticks, you are not blocked.
  • Give a WhatsApp call to that person, and if they pick it up, you’re not blocked.
  • Try adding them to a WhatsApp group. If you can’t, try the next one.

If you can’t see online or last seen, get a call picked up by them, view their profile photo, add them to the group, and view your message delivered to them, they likely blocked you.

If you conclude that you are not blocked, follow the below solution. Otherwise, there is no solution in this case.

Reason 3 – Privacy Settings of Others

You can’t view the last seen of a person because they may choose not to let others view their last seen.

For instance, they may have chosen “Nobody,” which lets no one see theirs. Or they may have chosen “My contacts,” and you are not in their WhatsApp contacts.

Or they may have chosen the “My contacts except” option and selected you accidentally in the exclusion list.

Since no one knows what option they have or can change others’ privacy settings on WhatsApp, only one option is available.

And that option is to inform the person about this issue and ask them to look into their privacy setting and contacts.

That’s all.