How to Hide WhatsApp or Telegram Profile Picture
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How to Hide WhatsApp or Telegram Profile Picture

In this post, you’ll see the steps to hide your profile picture on WhatsApp and Telegram.

You’ll also view how to fix the WhatsApp profile picture not showing. Let’s start.

Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture from Specific Contacts or Everyone

By default, anyone can see your WhatsApp profile picture. Let’s see how to hide it from specific contacts.

Android or iPhone

Open the WhatsApp app.

On iPhone, hit the “Settings” tab at the bottom. On Android, hit the three vertical dots in the top right and “Settings.”

Select Privacy > Profile Photo.

You’ll see these four options:

Profile Photo screen
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  • Everyone – Anyone can see your profile photo.
  • My Contacts – Only your contacts can see your profile picture.
  • My Contacts Except – Only your contacts, excluding those you’ve selected, can see your display picture.
  • Nobody – No one can see it.

Choose “Nobody” if you prefer to hide your profile picture from everyone. Hit “Done” at the top right (if you’re using iPhone) or the “Tick” icon at the bottom right (if you’re using Android). That’s it.

Choose “My Contacts Except” if you want to hide it from specific contacts. You can see the WhatsApp contacts list, and you need to select the contacts you don’t want to view your profile picture.

You can use the search available here if you wish. The “Select All” is for selecting all of them.

On iPhone, the “Deselect All” will deselect all the chosen ones. On Android, if all of them are picked, hitting the same icon will deselect all of them.

Once you’re done with the selection, hit “Done” at the top right on your iPhone. On Android, hit the “Tick” icon at the bottom right.


In Web, hit the three vertical dots in the left sidebar.

Select Settings > Privacy > Profile photo.

You’ll see four options now. If you prefer to hide it from everyone, pick “Nobody.”

Choose “My contacts except” if you prefer to hide it from specific contacts. Choose the contacts you want in the popup and hit the “Tick” icon.

That’s all.

In the WhatsApp Desktop app, you can’t do this task. But you can see what option is set for this setting and here’s how:

In Desktop, hit the “Gear” icon in the bottom left and select “Account.” Beside “Profile photo,” you can see the option.

Hide Profile Picture in Telegram from Everyone

Android or iPhone

Open the Telegram app. On Android, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left.

Select Settings > Privacy and Security > Profile Photos.

To let anyone see it, choose “Everybody.” To let your contacts only see it, select “My Contacts.” Choose “Nobody” if you want no one to view it.

Pick “Nobody.”

Selected Nobody in Telegram for iPhone
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On Android, tap the “Tick” icon at the top right. On your iPhone, hit the “Back” at the top left.

That’s it.

If you want to add exceptions to the above, use “Never Share With” or “Always Share With.” What option you see depends on your pick in the above steps.

Web or Desktop

In the Telegram Web or Desktop app, hit the three horizontal lines in the left sidebar.

Select Settings > Privacy and Security.

Hit “Profile photos” if you’re on the Desktop app. Click “Who can see my profile photos & videos” if you’re on the Web.

You can see “Everybody,” “Nobody,” and “My contacts.” Please see the above section to learn about these options.

Select “Nobody.”

Hit the “Save” option if you’re using Desktop or the “Back arrow” at the top left if you’re using Web.

That’s it. You can add exceptions to the above by using “Never allow” or “Always allow.”

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Fix WhatsApp Profile Picture Not Showing

If you face the issue of the WhatsApp profile picture of specific contact not showing to you, follow the below solutions.

Solution 1

Restart your Android phone or iPhone.

Solution 2

They may have no profile picture if you’re not seeing a specific contact profile photo.

So it is better to ensure that the contact has DP by asking them before proceeding further with other solutions.

Solution 3

Your friend may have changed their profile picture privacy setting to “Nobody.”

Solution 4

Delete the WhatsApp contact whose profile photo you can’t see and add it with a different name.

If you’re using an iPhone, follow these steps to remove a contact:

Open the “Contacts” app and tap the contact you prefer.

Hit “Edit” on the top right and scroll down to the bottom. Tap the “Delete Contact” option and select “Delete Contact” from the popup.

If you’re using Android, follow these steps to delete a contact:

Launch the “Contacts” app and hit the one you want to remove.

Tap the three vertical dots at the top right, and tap “Delete.” Hit “Delete” in the popup.

Solution 5 (Android only)

Clear the WhatsApp cache on your Android device.

Solution 6

If a contact blocks you, you can’t see their DP.

Check out this guide to know if a contact blocked you or not.