How to Send High-Quality Videos and Photos on WhatsApp and Telegram
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How to Send High-Quality Videos and Photos on WhatsApp and Telegram

In this post, you’ll see the steps to send high-quality images and videos on WhatsApp and Telegram.

You’ll also see how to change photo upload quality on WhatsApp. Let’s start.

Send High-Quality Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

Here, you’ll send the item (video or picture) as a document so that the recipient will receive it without compression. In other words, no reduction in the photo or video quality.

Note that WhatsApp Desktop and Web don’t compress videos.

Android or iPhone

In WhatsApp, tap your preferred chat (group or contact) in the “Chats” tab.

On Android, hit the “Paper clip” icon in compose box underneath. On iPhone, hit the “+” icon beside the compose box at the bottom.

Choose “Document.”

Document option
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Select the image or video files you want.

If you’ve selected a single item, hit “Send” (on Android). In the case of the iPhone, tap “Open” and “Send.”

If you’ve chosen more than one item, on Android, hit “Select” in the top right and tap “Send.” For iPhone, the above applies.

Alternatively, you can use these steps on an Android phone, Web, or iPhone: Make a ZIP file with images or videos and send it as a document.


In WhatsApp Web, click on the group or contact chat you like.

Beside the compose box underneath, click the “Paper clip” icon and the “Document.”

Find and select the image(s).

Hit the “Open” button and click the “Send” button.


In the Desktop app, open the conversation you like.

Hit the “Paper clip” icon at the bottom and select “File.”

Select the images and hit “Open.”

In the pop-up, hit the three horizontal dots at the top right and select “Attach as document.” Do this for each of the photos you’ve chosen.

Click “Send,” and that’s it.

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Change WhatsApp Photo Upload Quality

By default, WhatsApp determines image upload quality.

Let’s see how to change WhatsApp photo upload quality on Android and iPhone. Note that you can’t do this task on the Web or Desktop app.

Here are the steps:

Launch the WhatsApp app.

On Android, tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner and select “Settings.” On iPhone, tap “Settings” at the bottom.

Hit “Storage and data.”

Tap the “Media Upload Quality” if you’re on iPhone. On Android, hit “Photo upload quality.”

Photo upload quality
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You can see these three options:

Pop-up with three options
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  • Auto (recommended): This one is the default. Choosing this means letting WhatsApp determine the upload quality of pictures.
  • Best quality: Self-explanatory, right? But remember that it’ll take a long time to send.

Choose the quality you want. If you’re on Android, hit “OK.”

Send Photos and Videos Without Losing Quality on Telegram

Telegram compresses images and videos you send by default. Let’s see how to send photos and videos without losing quality on Telegram.

Android or iPhone

In the Telegram app, hit the conversation you want to send the image or video.

Tap the “Paper clip” icon at the bottom and select the item(s).

Hit the three vertical dots at the top right of the pop-up and tap “Send as file(s).”

Send as Files option on Telegram for iPhone
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That’s all.

Here are the alternate methods:

  1. This one applies to Android only. After selecting files in the above steps, you can tap one of them. Long-press the “Send” icon and select “Send without compression.”
  1. Open the chat and hit the “Paper clip.” Select “File” and then “Gallery” (on Android) or “Select from Gallery” (on iPhone). Select the files and hit “Send.”

Desktop or Web

Note: Telegram Desktop and Web don’t compress videos.

Here are the steps if you’re using Telegram Desktop:

In the Desktop app, hit the conversation you want.

Hit the “Paper clip” icon beside the compose box.

In the pop-up, select the photos and click on the “Open” button.

Uncheck the “Compress images” option, provide the caption if you want, and hit the “Send” option.

If you’re using Telegram Web, follow these steps:

Open the chat, hit the “Paper clip” icon in the compose box, and select “Photo or Video.”

Select the images you like in the pop-up and hit the “Open” button.

Uncheck the “Send compressed,” provide the caption if you prefer, and hit “Send.”

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