How to Highlight Text in Google Docs

Written by Thirumalraj

Let’s see how to do this task. In this instance, I’m using Windows 11 PC, Google Pixel 4a (Android 12), and iPhone (iOS 15.2.1).

How to Highlight Text In Google Docs (PC)

Here are the steps:

Sign in to Google Docs and open the file you want.

Select the text you want to highlight.

Click on the “Highlight color” icon at the top between “Text color” and “Insert link.”

Click on the desired color. If you want a custom color, you need to use “Custom.”

That’s it.

Follow these steps to remove highlight in Google Docs:

Select the highlighted text.

Click on the “Highlight color” icon at the top.

Select “None,” and that’s all.

How to Highlight Text In Google Docs App (Android or iPhone)

Here are the steps:

Open the Google Docs app.

Open the document and hit the “Pencil” icon in the bottom right.

Select the text and hit the “Format” icon at the top.

On the Text tab, you’ll see “Highlight color” between “Text color” and “Clear formatting.” Tap on it.

Select the desired color, and that’s all.

To remove highlight in the Google Docs app, follow these steps:

Select the highlighted text.

Tap the Format icon > Highlight color.

Tap “No color” (if you’re using iPhone) or “None” (if you’re using Android).

That’s it.

Thanks for reading.

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