How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp
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How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp

In this post, you’ll see the steps to share the current, nearby, and live location on WhatsApp and how to stop live location sharing.

Also, you’ll view the steps to add location in a status or media file on WhatsApp. Let’s begin.

Share Live Location on WhatsApp

Note that:

  • The live location sharing continues till the time set by you. When the duration expires, WhatsApp will automatically stop sharing.
  • You can also stop sharing the live location anytime you want.
  • If more than one person shares their site in the chat, all their places will be visible on any of their maps.

Here are the steps:

Open the WhatsApp app, ensure you’re in the “Chats” tab, and hit the group or contact chat.

If you don’t see the contact conversation you want in the “Chats” tab, hit the green color icon at the bottom right on Android or the icon at the top right on iPhone. Hit the contact.

Hit the “Paper clip” icon in the compose box at the bottom on Android or the “+” icon beside the compose box on iPhone.

Select “Location.”

In the “Nearby places” section, you can view “Send your current location.” Tap it to send your current location. If you like to send any nearby places, hit the one you prefer in the “Nearby places” section.

To share live location, tap the “Share live location.”

Share live location option
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Choose how long you want to share the live location. The durations are 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 8 hours.

Live location durations
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Provide a comment (on Android) or caption (on iPhone), which is optional, and hit the “Send” icon.

Stop Live Location Sharing

The sharing will automatically stop when the duration expires.

If you prefer to stop it before that, open the chat and find the live location sharing.

Hit “Stop sharing.” Tap “Stop” (on Android) or “Stop Sharing” (on iPhone).

To Stop All Your WhatsApp Live Location Sharing

Go to WhatsApp Settings.

Tap Privacy > Live location.

You can see all the chats with you sharing your live location. Note that hitting the one will take you to the message in the conversation.

Tap “Stop sharing.” Hit the “Stop” (on Android) or “Stop Sharing” (on iPhone).

Stop Sharing button
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Add Location in a WhatsApp Status or Media File

Note: You can’t do this task on WhatsApp Web and Desktop app.

Here’s how you can add the location to a WhatsApp status or media file using a sticker on Android or iPhone:

After choosing the file to send or for your WhatsApp status, hit the “Emoji” icon at the top.

Emoji icon
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Make sure you’re in the “Stickers” tab.

You can see time stickers (analog and digital) and a location sticker in the “Content Stickers” section.

Content Stickers section on WhatsApp for iPhone
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Content Stickers section on iPhone
Content Stickers section
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Content Stickers section on Android

Tap the location sticker, and you can view the “Select This Location” (on iPhone) or “Select your current location” (on Android) and other locations. Choose the one you want.

Drag and drop the sticker in the place you want to.

Hit the “Send” icon, and that’s all.

Note: To delete the location sticker, long-press it, and you can see the “Trash can” icon. Drop the sticker on it.