How to Send a GIF on WhatsApp
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How to Send a GIF on WhatsApp

In this post, you’ll see the steps to send a live photo or short video as GIF on WhatsApp.

Also, you’ll view the steps to send and delete a GIF on WhatsApp. Let’s begin.

Send a GIF on WhatsApp

Android or iPhone

Open the WhatsApp app.

Hit the group or contact conversation in the “Chats” tab.

On Android, tap the “Emoji” icon in the compose box at the bottom and hit the “GIF” at the bottom between “Emoji” and “Sticker.”

On iPhone, hit the “Sticker” icon in the compose box and tap “GIF” at the bottom, and navigate to the section (Recent, Favorites, Trending, Haha, Sad, Love, and Reaction) as per your preference.

If you prefer, tap the “Search” icon in the left corner and search. Choose the GIF you want to share.

GIFs on WhatsApp
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Add the caption (optional) and hit the “Send” button.

Here’s an alternative way to do this task on iPhone:

In a WhatsApp conversation, you can see the “+” icon beside the compose box. Tap it and select “Photo & Video Library.”

In the bottom left corner, you can see “GIF.” Hit it.

Search for the GIF on Giphy if you prefer. Tap the one you like, add the caption, and hit the “Send” icon.


Open the WhatsApp Web and the conversation you want.

Beside the compose box at the bottom, hit the Emoji icon and select GIF.

You can navigate to the category you like or use the search box. Click on the GIF you want.

Type the caption if you prefer, and hit the Send button.

Send a Live Photo as GIF on WhatsApp

Here are the steps to do on your iPhone:

Open the WhatsApp app and tap the preferred contact or group chat.

Hit the “+” icon at the bottom left and select “Photo & Video Library.”

Long press the live photo you want. Remember that hitting it here is for sending it as a static picture.

Hit the “Select as GIF” option.

Select as GIF option
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Add the caption (optional), and hit the “Send” icon.

That’s all.

The above steps let you send one live photo as GIF.

To send multiple live photos as GIFs, follow the steps above until the 4th one. Hit the “+” icon beside the caption field, and apply steps 3 and 4 for all the live photos you want.

Hit “Done” at the top right, and tap “Send.”

Alternate Method

Launch the “Photos” app on your iPhone. Hit the “Albums” at the bottom and select “Live Photos” under the “Media Types” section.

Now you can see all your live photos. Hit the one you want to send as the GIF.

Hit the drop-down list at the top left and choose “Loop” or “Bounce.”

Select the “Share” icon at the bottom left and hit the WhatsApp app.

Choose the preferred conversation and hit “Next” at the bottom right.

Provide the caption if you wish, and hit the “Send” icon.

Send a Short Video as a GIF on WhatsApp

You can send a short video (six seconds or lesser duration than that) as a GIF on WhatsApp.

The below steps apply to both an Android phone and iPhone. Here are the steps:

In WhatsApp, hit the group or contact chat.

On Android, tap the “Paper clip” icon and choose “Gallery.” On iPhone, tap the “+” icon at the bottom and select “Photo & Video Library.”

Hit the video you like and choose “GIF” at the top.

Selected GIF
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Hit the “Send” icon.

Alternate Method

You can also do this task using the “Photos” app on your iPhone or the “Files” app on your Android phone.

Here’s how:

Open the “Photos” or “Files” app and long-press the preferred video.

Hit the “Share” option on your iPhone or the “Share” icon on your Android phone.

Select “WhatsApp.”

Choose the chat you wish. Hit “Next” at the bottom right if you’re using iPhone. If you’re using Android, tap the “Arrow” icon at the bottom.

Select “GIF,” provide a caption if you want to, and hit the “Send” icon.

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Remove GIF in WhatsApp

You can remove GIFs from the chat and “Recent” and “Favorites” sections.

Let’s see how to do the former.

If you’re on an iPhone, follow these steps: Long press it in the conversation and select the “Delete” option. Select the other GIFs if you want and hit the “Trash can” icon at the bottom left.

Choose the “Delete for Me” or “Delete for Everyone” option.

If you’re on Android, follow these instructions: In the conversation, long-press it, select other GIFs if you prefer, and tap the “Trash can” icon at the top.

Select the option in the popup to remove the GIFs from the gallery. Otherwise, unselect it.

Tap the “Delete For Me” or “Delete For Everyone” option, and that’s it.

The steps to delete a GIF from the “Recent” and “Favorites” section is as follows. Note that the below steps only apply to an iPhone.

You can see the “Sticker” icon at the conversation’s bottom. Tap it and hit “GIF” at the bottom.

Navigate to the “Recent” section (the first one from the left) and long-press the one you like to remove.

Hit “Remove from Recent” in the popup.

Remove from Recent option
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To remove a GIF from the “Favorites” section (the second one from the left), navigate to it and long-press the one you want.

Tap the “Remove from Favorites” option in the popup.