How to Log Out of or Uninstall WhatsApp
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How to Log Out of or Uninstall WhatsApp or Telegram

In this post, you’ll see the steps to sign out of and uninstall WhatsApp and Telegram.

Also, you’ll see the steps to disable WhatsApp. Let’s begin.

Log Out of WhatsApp

Note that:

  • If you want to log out of WhatsApp on your iPhone, you must uninstall WhatsApp. I suggest a backup before proceeding. Please check the second section in this post for the steps.
  • You can’t sign out of all or multiple devices, which applies to Web, Desktop, and app.

You can do this task on your smartphone or PC. Let’s see the PC first. And for the smartphone, view the “Android or iPhone” section below.

If you’re a Web user, follow these steps:

In the WhatsApp Web, click on the three vertical dots on the left sidebar top.

Select “Log out,” and hit “Log Out” in the popup.

That’s it. Note that the alternate method to sign out of WhatsApp Web is clearing the browser’s cookies.

Here are the steps if you’re a Desktop user:

Click on the “Gear” icon on the bottom left of the WhatsApp Desktop app.

In the “General,” hit the “Log out” button.

Log out button on WhatsApp Desktop
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Click on “Yes” in the popup.

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Android or iPhone

If you want to do the above task remotely, follow these steps:

Open the WhatsApp app on your Android device or iPhone.

Hit the “Settings” tab on the iPhone. Hit the three vertical dots on the top right on Android.

Select “Linked Devices.” You can see the list where the entries with the browser name show Web, and only the operating system name indicates the Desktop app.

List of devices
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Hit the one depending on from which you want to sign out. You can now see the last active details and linked location.

Hit the “Log Out” option. Hit “Log Out” on the popup if you’re on an iPhone.

Log Out option
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Log Out of Telegram

iPhone or Android

Remember that when you sign out of Telegram, it deactivates all your secret chats.

Here are the steps:

Launch the Telegram app.

On iPhone, hit the “Settings” tab at the bottom. On Android, hit the three horizontal lines at the top left and tap “Settings.”

Hit the three vertical dots (on Android) or “Edit” (on iPhone) at the top right.

Hit the “Log Out.”

Log Out on Telegram for iPhone
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You can see these options: Add Another Account, Set a Passcode, Clear Cache, Change Phone Number, and Contact Support.

Tap “Log Out.” In the confirmation popup, hit “Log Out” (on Android) or “OK” (on iPhone).

Desktop or Web

In the Telegram Web or Desktop app, hit the three horizontal lines at the top left.

Click “Settings.”

Click the three vertical dots at the top right in the popup (if you’re on Desktop) or left sidebar (if you’re on Web).

Hit the “Log out” option and in the confirmation popup, hit “Log out.”

Sign Out of All Sessions At Once on Telegram

The below steps apply to both Android and iPhone.

Let’s see the steps to sign out of a specific session.

Go to Telegram Settings and hit “Devices.”

Tap the session you prefer. You can see the application, location, IP address, and Accept (or Incoming) Calls enabled or disabled.

Hit the “Terminate Session” button. Tap “Terminate” (on Android) or “Terminate session” (on iPhone) in the popup.

That’s it.

If you want to sign out of all the sessions simultaneously except the current one, go to “Devices” mentioned above and hit the “Terminate all other sessions” option.

Tap “Terminate” (on Android) or “Terminate all other sessions” (on iPhone) in the popup.

Uninstall WhatsApp or Telegram

Let’s see how to uninstall WhatsApp or Telegram app and Desktop.


Drag the “WhatsApp” or “Telegram” icon and drop it on the “Uninstall” at the top.

If you’re uninstalling WhatsApp, in the popup, select the checkbox if you want to keep the app data.

Hit “OK,” and that’s it.

OK option
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Alternatively, long-press the “WhatsApp” or “Telegram” icon and hit the “App info” icon. Tap “Uninstall,” and the rest are the same as above.

Uninstall option
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Long press the “WhatsApp” or “Telegram” icon, tap “Remove App,” and hit “Delete App.”

Delete App option
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Desktop App

To uninstall the WhatsApp Desktop app, press the “Windows” key and type “whatsapp” or “Telegram” (without double quotes). Click the “Uninstall” option and “Uninstall” in the popup.

Disable WhatsApp without Deleting It (Android Only)

Uninstalling WhatsApp from your device is like disabling it; you can reinstall it when you want.

You can also disable WhatsApp without uninstalling it; here’s how:

Open the “Settings” app and hit “Apps.”

Select “See all (number) apps.” Hit “WhatsApp.”

Tap the “Force stop” option. Hit “OK” in the popup.

That’s it. Remember that whenever you want WhatsApp, all you need to do is open it.

Alternate Methods

Method #1

Note: I suggest a WhatsApp backup before proceeding.

Follow the above steps till hitting “WhatsApp.”

Select “Storage & cache.”

Hit “Clear storage” to clear the data of WhatsApp. In the confirmation popup, you can see this message:

Delete app data? This app’s data, including files and settings, will be permanently deleted from this device.

Hit the “Delete” option, and that’s all.

Open the app and go through the verification process when you want WhatsApp.

Method #2

Turn off all notifications on WhatsApp.