How to Unmute or Mute WhatsApp Calls
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How to Unmute or Mute WhatsApp Calls

In this post, you’ll see the step to mute WhatsApp voice and video calls.

Also, you’ll view the steps to view and delete WhatsApp call history. Let’s start.

Unmute or Mute WhatsApp Calls

Note that:

  • Muting WhatsApp calls will affect no other calls.


Note: You can’t mute calls of a specific group chat.

To mute calls from a specific contact chat, follow the steps below:

Open the WhatsApp app. Hit the contact you prefer and hit the name at the top.

Select “Custom notifications” between “Mute notifications” and “Media visibility.” Enable “Use custom notifications.”

Under the “Call notifications” section, you’ll see “Ringtone” and “Vibrate.”

Hit “Ringtone,” tap the current ringtone at the top, and select “None.” Tap “Save” at the top right.

Hit “Vibrate” and select “Off.”

Ringtone is silent and Vibrate is off
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That’s it. You have muted WhatsApp video and voice calls for this specific contact.

The steps above disable sound and vibration when receiving a call from this contact.

A call notification will still appear. You must turn off all WhatsApp notifications if you don’t want this notification.

To unmute, follow the above steps, set a ringtone, and turn on the vibration. Also, turn on all notifications if you’ve turned them off earlier.

Note: The below steps apply to contact and group chats.

To mute all WhatsApp calls, follow these steps:

In the WhatsApp app, hit the three vertical dots at the top right. Select Settings > Notifications.

Under the “Calls” section, you’ll view “Ringtone” and “Vibrate.” The rest are the same as the above.

Web, Desktop, or iPhone

You can’t mute calls from individual chat. But, if you wish, you can block a contact.

You can silence all WhatsApp calls by putting your device in silent mode. But you’ll still see a call notification.

View and Delete WhatsApp Call History

Note that:

  • You can’t check or delete the WhatsApp calls of others.
  • The removal of call history is permanent.
  • You can’t look at or remove your WhatsApp call history on the Web and Desktop app.

Let’s begin.


In the WhatsApp app, navigate to the “Calls” tab. You can view all your WhatsApp video calls and voice calls.

Hit the “Edit” option on the top left.

If you want to delete a single one, hit the “-” icon on its left, and you’ll see the “Delete” option. Tap on it and hit “Done.” That’s it.

If you want to remove all the call history, hit the “Clear” option. Select “Clear Call History” in the popup, and that’s all.

Clear option
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Here’s an alternate method to remove a single call: Slide the entry to the left and hit the “Delete” option.

Delete option
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In the WhatsApp app, navigate to the “Calls” tab. You can now see all your WhatsApp voice and video calls.

To delete a single call, long-press it. If you want to delete over one, hit the remaining ones you want to remove.

Hit the “Trash can” icon at the top right.

Trash Can icon at the top right
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That’s all.

To remove all WhatsApp calls at once, follow these steps:

Hit the three vertical dots at the top right of the “Calls” tab.

Select “Clear call log” and tap “OK” on the popup.

Clear call log option
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Remove WhatsApp Calls from the iPhone Call History

The WhatsApp call will appear as an entry in your iPhone call history, not on the Android call log.

And if you want to remove a WhatsApp call from the iPhone call log, you need to remove it from the latter like you usually delete a call.

Using the Phone app, if you delete the WhatsApp call, it’ll not affect the WhatsApp call history.

If you delete a call using the WhatsApp app, it’ll not affect your iPhone call history.