How to Enable Notepad++ Always on Top

Note: Windows 11 Notepad doesn’t have “always on top” functionality.

The “always on top” feature lets a window stay on top of other open windows.

This functionality in Notepad++ is disabled by default. You can enable it if you wish.

I use Windows 11 PC. Let’s see how.

Enable Notepad++ Always on Top

Here are the steps:

  1. Launch Notepad++.
  2. Hit View at the top.
  3. Click on the “Always on Top” option, and a tick beside this option shows it’s enabled.

That’s all.

To disable “always on top,” you need to follow the steps above.

The critical thing to remember is that each time you exit Notepad++, this feature will be disabled, so you need to turn it on each time you want it.

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How to Set a Shortcut for Notepad++ Always on Top

To set a shortcut for the always on top, follow these steps:

Hit Settings at the top of the Notepad++ and click on Shortcut Mapper.

Using the Filter at the bottom, you can quickly locate “Always on Top” in the Name column.

You can see that the Shortcut column is blank for Always on Top.

Double-click the “Always on Top.” In the popup, set the shortcut and hit the OK button.

That’s all. You can use the shortcut you assigned to enable or disable the always on top functionality.

I hope this guide, “How to Enable Notepad++ Always on Top,” is helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.

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