How to Enable Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting is disabled by default in Notepad++.

If you want, you can enable this feature. Here’s how:

Open Notepad++.

Hit Language at the top.

Hover your mouse over the first letter of the programming language you are using.

For example, if you’re using Java, hover over J.

Now you can see the programming language. Click it.

That’s all. Syntax highlighting is on.

To disable syntax highlighting, click Language at the top. Click None (Normal Text).

Also, note the following: 

If you save a file with a programming language extension in Notepad++, syntax highlighting will be enabled for that file automatically.

For example, if you are working with HTML code and saving it as a .html file, Notepad++ will apply syntax highlighting to this file.

Also note that if you open a programming language file in Notepad++, syntax highlighting will automatically be enabled for that file.

That’s it.