How to Enable Notepad Word Wrap and Status Bar

The status bar is enabled by default on Notepad, but Word Wrap is not.

The latter displays file content within the window size, so you do not have to scroll horizontally to view the contents.

Additionally, it places the cursor on the new line when you reach the end of a line as you type.

Let’s take a look at how to enable or disable them in the Windows 10 Notepad app.

Enter notepad in the Run box and press the Enter key.

Now you can see Notepad.

For the status bar, follow these steps:

Click on “View” at the top.

You will find the “Status Bar” option.

Click on it to display or hide the status bar.

For Word Wrap, follow these steps:

Click “Format” at the top.

You will find the “Word Wrap” option.

To enable or disable Word Wrap, click on it.


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