How to Open the Control Panel in Windows 10

You will learn what the Control Panel is and how to open it in this post. Let’s start with the latter.

Method #1

Start the Control Panel by using the control command in one of the following programs:

Method #2

Open Settings.

Click on “Control Panel” in the search results after typing control panel in the search box.

Method #3

Open the Start menu.

Type control. In the search results, click on the Control Panel.

Method #4

Open the Start menu.

Click on “Windows Tools” and double-click “Control Panel.”

Method #5

Open the System32 folder and double-click the “control” file.

Method #6

Open File Explorer.

In the address bar, click “Arrow” next to the Quick access icon, then “Control Panel.”

What is the Control Panel?

The Control Panel is a virtual folder with many applet shortcuts. These applets are able to change the settings of your system.

The Control Panel has three types of views: Category (applet shortcuts are categorized in this view), Large icons, and Small icons.

You can right-click on the applet shortcut in the Large icons and Small icons views. Here, you will see a context menu with some or many of these options:

  • Open – Open the applet in the same window. This does not apply to everyone. File Explorer Options, for example.
  • Open in New Window – Launch the applet in a new window.
  • Include in Library – Add the applet to the library. I tested this and it didn’t work for Camera Roll and Saved Pictures.
  • Pin to Quick access – Pin applet to Quick access.
  • Pin to Start – Pin applet shortcut to the Start menu as a tile.
  • Run as administrator – Open applet as an administrator.
  • Create shortcut – Create a shortcut for applet shortcut on the desktop.