How to Open Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

Here I will show you how to open Disk Cleanup in Windows 10 and how to create a shortcut for it. Let’s get started.

Method #1

Open the Run by pressing Windows + R.

Type cleanmgr and then press the Enter key.

That’s it.

This command can also be used in the following programs:

  • Task Manager (click File > Run new task to use this command)
  • File Explorer address bar

Method #2

Open the Start menu.

The Disk Cleanup app will appear in the search results after typing cleanmgr. Click it.

Method #3

Open C: > Windows > System32.

Find and double-click “cleanmgr” file.

Method #4

Open the Start Menu.

Hit Windows Tools.

Double-click Disk Cleanup.

Method #5

Open the Control Panel.

Type disk cleanup in the top right search box.

Hit the “Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files” link.

Method #6

You’ll need to right-click on the drive for which you want to use Disk Cleanup.

Hit Properties.

You can find the Disk Cleanup button on the General tab. Click on it.

Method #7

Click on the Cortana button in the taskbar.

Type disk cleanup and then hit the Enter key.

That’s all.

Create Disk Cleanup Shortcut

Here you will find instructions on how to create a shortcut to the Disk Cleanup on your Windows 10 desktop or File Explorer.

Right-click on your desktop or File Explorer blank area

Hover the mouse over “New.” Click “Shortcut.” 

On the “Create Shortcut” pop-up, type cleanmgr. Click “Next”.

Please provide the name of the shortcut if you do not like the suggestion. Click “Finish”.