How to Open Edge in Windows 10

With this post, you can learn how to open Edge in Windows 10 and create a shortcut for it. Let’s begin with the former.

Method #1

Hit the Edge icon in the taskbar.

Method #2

Double-click on the Edge shortcut on your desktop. If you can’t find it, then you can create one with the steps below.

Method #3

Launch the Run command (keyboard shortcut: Windows + R). Please type msedge in it and then press the Enter key.

This command (msedge) can also be used in the following  programs: the address bar of File Explorer, the address toolbar, and the Task Manager (you need to click File > Run new task to use the command).

Alternatively, you can also use this command start msedge in the following programs: Command Prompt and PowerShell.

Method #4

In the Start menu, press Microsoft Edge, located in the M section.

Or open the Start menu and hit the Microsoft Edge tile you see on the right side.

Method #5

Open the Start menu.

Microsoft Edge will appear in the search results when you type edge. Click on it.

Method #6

Go to C: > Program Files (x86) > Microsoft > Edge > Application and double-click the msedge.exe file.

Method #7

Hit the Cortana button on the taskbar.

Type edge and then hit the Enter key.

How to Create an Edge Shortcut in Windows 10

Here you can see the steps to make an Edge shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop or File Explorer.

Right-click on the empty area of your desktop or File Explorer.

Move the mouse over “New.”

Choose “Shortcut,” which can be found under “Folder.”

In the Create Shortcut window, click the Browse button.

Locate and select the “msedge” file and click the “OK” button.

Click on the “Next” button.

You can enter a name for the shortcut if you don’t like the proposed name.

Click the “Finish” button.