How to Open a Folder in a New or Same Window

In Windows 11, How Do I Open a Folder?

By default, the folder opens in the same window.

A folder can be opened by double-clicking it, or by right-clicking it and selecting “Open” from the context menu.

Alternatively, you can select the folder and then press the Enter key.

Note: To open a folder in one click, read this guide.

Can I Open a Folder in a New Window?

If opening a folder in a new window sounds good to you, you can. Find out how.

When you open a folder using any of the above methods, press the “Ctrl” key and you’re done. Remember that pressing the Ctrl key and double clicking on the folder will not open the folder.

Or, you can right-click the folder you want to open and choose “Open in new window” from the context menu.

Or, select the folder and then press Ctrl+ Shift + Enter.

How Do I Open Each Folder in a New or the Same Window?

If you want each folder to open in a new window, follow these steps:

In File Explorer Options, look for “Open each folder in its own window” under “Browse folders.” Select this option.

Click the “OK” button at the bottom.

If you prefer the same window, proceed as follows:

Open File Explorer Options.

Choose the option “Open each folder in the same window” in the “Browse folders” section at the top, and then click “OK” at the bottom.