How to Open Multiple Folders at Once in Windows 10

There are two ways to accomplish this task. Let’s look at them.

Method #1

Select the folders you wish to open, then press Ctrl, Shift, Enter simultaneously to see all selected folders opened at once in separate windows.

Here’s another option for opening multiple folders at once:

Select the folders you want to open. Right-click on it. Click “Open in new window” in the context menu.

Or, you can select the folders and then press Ctrl + Enter.

Method #2

Select the folders you want to open, and then press the “Enter” key. Here is the comparison between the above method and this one:

In the above method, you open all selected folders simultaneously in separate windows. The window in which you perform this operation remains intact.

This will open one selected folder in the current window and the other selected folders in their own windows.

Here’s another way: Select the folders you want to open, right-click on them, and select “Open” from the context menu.

How to Open Multiple Folders in Different Places at the Same Time

All the above methods apply to folders in the same place.

Here are the steps you can follow to open folders at the same time from different locations:

Open Notepad and enter start followed by the path to the folder you wish to open. Be sure the path does not contain any quotation marks.

Repeat this step for all the folders you want to open. Your Notepad will now look like this:

Start C:\Users\traj5\Downloads

Start C:\Users\traj5\Pictures

Save it with the desired name, but make sure that the extension is bat. In our case, the file name is openmfolder.bat.

That’s it. From now on, double-click on the file (in our case, openmfolder.bat) and you’ll see the folders open.