How to Open Paint and Paint 3D in Windows 10

How to Open Paint in Windows 10

Here are the unique ways to open Paint in Windows 10. Let’s take a look at them.

Method #1

Press the “Start” button. Select “Paint” in the P section.

Method #2

Paint can be launched with the mspaint command in Windows 10. This command can be used in the following programs:

  • Task Manager (Hit File > Run new task to use the command)
  • File Explorer address bar

Method #3

Open the Start menu and type paint. The “Paint” app should appear in your search results. Click on it.

Method #4

Go to: C: > Windows > System32, where you will find the Paint executable file.

Locate and double-click the file “mspaint.exe.”

How to Open Paint 3D in Windows 10

Let’s see how to launch Paint 3D in Windows 10.

Method #1

Click the Start button. In the “P” section, click “Paint 3D.”

Method #2

Windows 10 Paint 3D can be launched with the ms-paint: command. Let’s see which programs support these commands.

  • Run
  • Task Manager (you need to click on “File” and then press “Run new task” to use the command)
  • Address toolbar

Using the command start ms-paint: in the Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell is another way to start Paint 3D.

Method #3

Click on the Start button and type Paint 3D. You will now see the Paint 3D app. Click on it.

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