How to Open Power Options in Windows 10

This task can be accomplished in several ways. You’ll also learn how to create a Power Options shortcut here. Let’s begin.

Method #1

In the notification area, right-click the “Battery” icon. Select “Power Options.”

Method #2

Using the powercfg.cpl command, you can open Power Options in Windows 10, and this command can be used in the following programs:

  • Task Manager (Hit File > Run new task option to use the command)

Method #3

Open the Settings app. Click System > Power & sleep.

Note: Hit the “Additional power settings” link to view all the options of Power Options.

Method #4

Double-click “powercfg.cpl” in the System32 folder.

Method #5

Right-click on “Start” and choose “Power Options”, located in the Power User menu between “Mobility Center” and “Event Viewer.”

Note: Hit the “Additional power settings” link to see all the options of Power Options.

Method #6

Go to the Start menu and type power options. Now you’ll see “Power & sleep settings.” Click it.

Note: To see all the options of Power Options, hit the “Additional power settings” link.

Method #7

Open the Control Panel. Click Hardware & Sound > Power Options if you’re in the Category view. Otherwise, click “Power Options.”

Create a Power Options Shortcut in Windows 10

Create a Power Options shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop or File Explorer by following the steps below.

Right-click on the blank area of the desktop or File Explorer.

Hover your mouse over “New” in the context menu.

Hit “Shortcut.”

Type powercfg.cpl in the “Create Shortcut” pop-up. Click the “Next” button.

If you do not like the shortcut name suggested, give another name.

Click on the “Finish” button.