How to Open Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10

In this article you will learn how to open the Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10 and how to create a shortcut for it. Let’s get started.

Method #1

With the mblctr command, you can open Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10, and it can be used with these programs:

Method #2

Right-click the power icon in the notification area of the taskbar to reveal the Windows Mobility Center. Press it.

Note: If the icon is not visible, click on the Show hidden icons (up arrow) in the notification area and it will now be visible.

Method #3

Open the Power User menu by right-clicking the Start button or pressing Windows and X simultaneously.

The Mobility Center option is now visible above Power Options. Click on it.

Method #4

Open the Start menu and type mobility. Click on Windows Mobility Center.

Method #5

In the Control Panel, click the Adjust commonly used mobility settings link.

Note: If your Control Panel is not in the Category view, you will see a link to the Windows Mobility Center. Click on it.

Method #6

Open Settings.

In the top search box, type mobility center, and you will find Windows Mobility Center in the results list. Click on it.

Method #7

Go to C: > Windows > System32 and double-click the mblctr file.

Create a Windows Mobility Center Shortcut

Here’s how to create a Windows Mobility Center shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop or File Explorer.

Right-click on the empty area of the desktop or File Explorer.

Choose “New” from the context menu, and choose “Shortcut.”

The “Create Shortcut” window will appear. Enter mblctr. Click “Next.” 

If you don’t like the name suggested, enter your own. Click “Finish.”